Saturday, September 12, 2015

I Got it Off My Chest

Sunny's Campground
Wauseon, Ohio

Every once in a while you just need to gripe.  I have three gripes for today.

Have you ever tried to read an atlas and find that your location is right in the fold of the page?  The roads never seem to match up in that fold.  Even worse, our atlas has a state divided into four different sections.  Why are we always on the road in the spirals?

We all love having slides on our RV's.  Am I the only one who finds that if anything in the fifth wheel moves, it hides in the slide until I put it out.  In the past, I squashed a spaghetti pan.  I learned since that event happened to operate the slides inside.  Well that didn't help  
as you can see from this photo of a  magazine rack.
Here's today's lamp harp squash but at least the light bulb didn't break so it could have been a lot worse.  

Our travels today took us across US 6 and we saw many cornfields today that looked like this.  I hope no one with a match gets near these as they are so dry.

Number three on my list of gripes is this RV park.  Sunny's Campground is located on 115 acres, with 5 ponds and 800 sites.  I hate being nickle and dimed to death.  While this isn't a horrible place, we'll never be back.  I kid you not there is a whole page of fees.  If you want to use your AC they charge $2.50 extra per day for 30 amp service.  How about sewer?  They charge $2.00 per day but that is times the number of people.  A sewer pump out is $8.00 but I didn't see if they charged you per gallon or pump out.  It might be cheaper if there are more than two people.  Of course, WIFI is  an additional fee.  Now if you want to get a discount on the fees, you can buy a 10% discount card for only $35.00.  The brochure also says Monday thru Sunday swimming, picnicking and fishing is $3.00.  I didn't see anything about an additional fee if you have a pet but maybe they have a coin box to use the pet exercise area. I did notice on the brochure that Saturday is Trick of Treat night between 5:30 and 7.  I assume that means we should have treats to hand out.  Yes, I know my readers are saying she's calendar challenged again, but it says September 12th for the trick or treats and costumes contest on the brochure as they close on October 4th.  You might think this place is empty but it is very full of travel trailers, just no people in them.  Does that mean they couldn't afford the extra fees?  

There's a picnic table outside and the weather is lovely, a good thing since we didn't pay the extra $2.50 to use our AC, but I think we'll use our own table inside.  They probably have a charge for using it.   

We also did find this and it was free.

On the positive side, they do offer free dumping at the dump station to their campers.  We won't have much to dump since we're only staying two days, but I feel we should take advantage of it and leave our....... for them.

Okay, I feel better, I just needed to get that off my chest.  

Turtle Safely.........

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