Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Wannabee Cowboy and a Real Cowboy

Lubbock, Texas
Elks Lodge

Today was a wonderful day.  Freddy and Delcie came to pick us up at 10 am today to go to the National Ranching Heritage Center.  I had just checked out the internet and found out that the Sunday hours were 1 to 5.  

No problem Freddy and Delcie came in and we chatted for awhile until time to go.  When we arrived and I saw all the bronzes out front, I knew this was going to be something great.

We were all handed a map that showed 47 different exhibits.  The Heritage Center is on a 16 acre site and has authentic structures restored as early as the 1700's.

The grounds are beautiful and they have hills separating the buildings.  The perfect weather just added to the day.  

All of the building were moved to this site.  
Each structure had a sign telling the story of the people that lived there and also where the building was originally located. 
Freddy doesn't know for sure if this was his uncle.  
I remember those old washing machines.
We decided this was our favorite home.
We heard that this lady was wanted for picking fruit in other states, now it's for picking pecans in Texas.  
They are really getting close to being ripe enough to pick.
This was a bunkhouse.  

Bill and Freddy were ahead of us and when we found them in the barn, Freddy is telling us where all the ranches are located and he knew the brands from across the barn. 

We had no idea that Freddy had been in rodeos and won many awards.  He knew nearly everyone that was mentioned in this center.  He was telling us stories about these people.

Bill was like a little kid enjoying the tales that Freddy knew about all the people and exhibits.  

The fellow in the posted sign contacted Freddy to give condolences when Heidi, their dog, died. 
The neat thing was that Freddy had never been to the National Ranching Heritage Center before today.

It was so much fun and we left 5 minutes before closing. 

When we returned Freddy suggested we go to their coach, as he had a book he thought Bill might enjoy.  

I'm sorry the photo didn't come out better, but guess who those two are in the photo.

This was a life story of the Prather's life.  The book contained numerous awards and certificates.  

Delcie asked if I would take a photo of their 14 week old puppy named, Echo.  No problem I thought.  Do you know how fast a puppy moves?

I think she was 1 pound 9 ounces.  
She teased the cat so much and bit her tail.  
She's a cutie.

We went out for Mexican food.

We had fun and here's Delcie pretending to be drunk.  We only had one margarita.  

It was an enjoyable day and evening made so much better by having such great people with us.  

Turtle Safely.......

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