Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another SKP Park

Yuma, Arizona

Bill and I weren't in any hurry this morning and pulled out of Sundance just before 10.  The day was a perfect driving day.

We have stayed in Yuma many times, but for some reason never stayed at this Escapees park.  I think we've always met friends when in Yuma and stayed where it was convenient for everyone.  

We have a nice back in on a lot with no one on the other side.  Full hook ups with 50 amp service, wifi and cable.  The rates are $20 per day or $100 for the week.

We were invited to a potluck and told we didn't need to bring anything except our place setting.  Since we had brought leftovers from last night's meal, we just stayed in for dinner. 

Propane is $1.20 gallon, someday I'll figure out the difference in price for the pounds versus gallons.  It's convenient and we'll need full tanks for Quartzite.  

While we were in the office making arrangements to have a mobile wash service clean our fifth wheel a lady walked in the office.  I kept looking at her and she kept looking at me.  She finally said, "Jan".  She said we were friends of Don and Sharon Del Rosario.   I have no idea where I met Pat Dunkel but that's the way this club works.  

We walked around the park and everyone is very friendly. Shortly after we returned from our walk, there was a knock on the door.  It was the welcome ladies.  Bonnie Pfiefer (not sure of the spelling) and Linda Ziek were the perfect welcoming committee.  They had brochures on anything of interest in the area.  They didn't just hand you a brochure, they explained what you would see.  I did find out that the balloon festival is this weekend.  

Bonnie was a delight.  She's 86 and a DAR.  I told her our daughter is a DAR, and she asked why I wasn't.  She's traveled the world and given lectures.  Linda had gifts for us and we got to pick what we wanted.  All the gifts were handcrafted from members of the park.  I picked a tissue cover and of course Bill picked a bookmark.  

The pool looked inviting but I decided to save it for another day.  

Turtle Safely.......... 

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