Saturday, November 21, 2015

Last Day in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona
KOFA Co-op Escapees Park

I was up and dressed by 8 am this morning as the park was having a yard sale.  Unfortunately, there were not many that participated and I didn't find anything of interest.  

We went over to the flea market by the airport since the weather was gorgeous.  It has more "fleas" than the other one in town.  Bill found a new Y hose adapter that was made of brass not plastic.  He also found a telescoping mirror that we have no idea what we'll use it for, but sure if we didn't buy it, we'd regret it someday.  The biggest problem with these kind of purchases, is remembering we bought it and where do we store it so we can find it when that occasion arises.  

 I was trying to decide on what color I liked best.  
I didn't touch but this lady came by and touched the cheeks and then said they weren't real.  Do you think she noticed that there is no head on the mannequin?
Lot's of stuff but nothing that I didn't have or nothing new.
This was our next stop.  Bill wasn't too excited about seeing it but he went anyway.
I knew he'd change his mind once he got inside.
This display was in the visitor's center.  I did learn that the diorama that I failed to get a photo of was made by students from a local school.
There are six of the original buildings from the depot.

The water reservoir allowed the Yuma Depot to have lush gardens.

 Bill was in the parlor of the Quartermaster's quarters while I'm in the doorway of the dining room.  All of the rooms had plexiglass protecting the artifacts so the photos all showed reflections.  

There was a lot to learn in the Quartermaster's office building.  

I enjoyed learning about the rank and branch.  

The buildings are in remarkable condition.
Wouldn't you feel real confident if you saw this fire truck roll up at a fire?

This car was interesting but when you read about the plank road, it makes it so much more interesting.  

Now I know where the American Sahara is?

This is part of the original plank road.

We've followed Teddy across the USA and Bill always wants his photo taken by him.
The best part of the musuem was how they built the tunnel on the Colorado River.  How would you like to dive in that suit?
I'm sure I wouldn't go back the next day and do it again!
I'm sure back in 1912, you'd want to walk in this 955 feet tunnel under the river.  

I always try and tell you a small amount of a place we visit so when you decide to go, you'll still have a little mystery about the place.  It's not a huge place, but it explains the steamboat history and a lot of information on the Colorado River.

It's well worth the $4.00 admission fee.  

We came back to the park and I had an e-mail from Toni Laird.  They were up at Pilot Knob and she suggested Da Boyz for dinner.  The restaurant is located in Old Town.

It was so good seeing Toni and Doug.  I think it's been about a year since we've seen them.

Our waiter was great and when we decided to do the special which was a huge salad, 2 plates of spaghetti and a large pizza for $22.99, he suggested we all share one meal. It was more than enough for four and we even had a carry out box.
  Look at the size of the pizza.  They put sausage on our half and Toni and Doug had mushrooms on their half.
We even had leftover salad.
Toni and Doug decided to split a piece of cake.  
Bill found a fork big enough for that size cake.

It was great seeing friends we haven't seen for awhile but we'll be seeing them again in the near future.

Turtle Safely......

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