Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Montana Mingle

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

Where does the time go?  I guess by now everyone figured out that we've left Quartzite.  We had a great time and the weather wasn't bad considering we were in the middle of the desert in January.  

I drove the entire way back until it was time to back in.  Any other time, I might have attempted it but I was tired and I know it takes me a lot longer than it does Bill.  

We immediately went to visit Dad, but he seemed the same as the last time we visited him.  

John and Gerri Beckman stopped by for a visit.  They are getting anxious for the Winter Blast.  They wanted us to go to the movies with them but we'd gone to see 13 Hours the day before.  I highly recommend this movie.  

Bill treated me to a very special day for my 70th birthday.  I spent most of the day, however, on the telephone.  Thanks all those who called with birthday wishes.  

Another visit to see Dad was entirely different in 48 hours time.  He was talking about some weird things, that I'm not sure ever happened  to him.  He walked outside with us and said someone took his car.  Some days he's so much better than other days.  You wonder what he really thinks.

Yesterday, Bud and Susie Walsh, Jim and Sandie Dixon, and Bob and Pam Beltz came over and we cooked some burgers.  These are all Montana Owners so I said we had a "Montana Mingle".  Even though we're all Montana owners we all have our own style of RVing.  

Sandie was kind enough to bring me the cholesterol pills that another Montana owner, Ray Warner, picked up for us in Mexico when we decided to go over to California from Quartzite.  Unfortunately, our plans changed and we returned to Casa Grande.  I was going to pick them up from Ray at the Bloggerfest but we left Quartzite before the event.

I'm sure I missed a good time, but I do plan to attend next year's Bloggerfest.

Turtle Safely, 

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