Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quartzite Day 4

Quartzite, Arizona
Circling of the Wagons

Another gorgeous day, what can I say.  I wanted to walk Tyson Wells today before the tent opens tomorrow, so Bill suggested we go out for breakfast and then walk the flea markets.  

For those of you who have attended Quartzite during January here's a view from the truck.  I think this was around Silly Al's Pizza around 10 am.  

I had a quest.  I actually needed something.  I found out that I couldn't get local channels because half of the bat wing antenna is missing.  Could that have happened in Ohio from the "campground from hell"?  If you don't know the story it's in this blog-- An Inch to Spare, September 2015 An Inch to Spare .  Sorry I can't figure out how to post that link here.  

Our neighbors, George and Linda, are the neighbors anyone like us needs.  George likes to fix things.  You should see the neat hose reel he made.  Anyway when he found out we don't climb up on ladders, he said if we got a new antenna, he'd install it for us.  

Of course, before we found the antenna there was this cute little t-shirt that is perfect for the winter blast.  I don't bother caring a purse in all this madhouse.  The girl I bought the shirt from asked if I was paying by credit card or cash.  I said I'm paying by husband.  

I found an antenna to replace the bat wing but not sure it's going to be an easy installation.  

We did miss Mac the Fire Guy who gave a seminar on fire safety.  As usual those who have never been to one of his seminars, was very impressed with his presentation. 

We hurried back to the Circling of the Wagons as Everts was delivering pizza and beer to everyone.  They also brought out four new models of Montana's for everyone to view.  No salesmen, just the models.  That's the way you can enjoy viewing them.  

Evert's always go first class.  The pizza was from Silly Al's.  I had never tried the Reuben pizza and it was very good.  There was a great selection of almost any kind of pizza you could think of. 

For those Escapees members reading this that have attended the Escapade in the past, I have good news that I'll share.  I asked Jorge if they would be attending the Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont in July.  He checked his schedule and said "yes".  No need to fix anything for Happy Hour as they do such a great job.  

Here's George studying the manual for the Wingard antenna.

Music was suppose to be provided for the pizza and beer party but I knew Johnny Goodrum was at the Escapees happy hour.  He came over after the Happy Hour was over and it was decided that they'd have music during the campfire and give him time to rest a little.  

During Happy Hour there was a seminar on the locks for the basements.  There were four nice prizes that the presenter (sorry I forgot his name) donated.  I didn't win any nor did I win the lottery.  

Bill and I were torn as we enjoy the Escapees Happy Hour but since we attended on Wednesday we thought we should spend some time here and skip the second Escapees Happy Hour.

We didn't stay out for the campfire as I started getting cold and when I went back for warmer clothes, I decided it was perfectly comfortable inside.  

I guess I have been remiss, in mentioning that George Yates of Our Awesome Travels blog, is hosting a Bloggerfest on January 23.  It will be at La Posa South LTV.  Details of the event can be found on RVillage Get Togethers.  It's a chance for bloggers and blog readers to come and meet each other.  I hope to meet other bloggers and readers.  For those of you who don't make comments, now's your chance to come meet someone in person.  

I'll close this blog with a sunset from tonight.  

Turtle Safely........

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