Friday, January 15, 2016

Quartzite Day 5

Quartzite, Arizona
BLM Land Plomosa Road

Today was the busiest day of the whole week.  This morning George Morey came to the door and said he was going to climb up on the roof and attach the over the air antenna.  

In no time at all, George not only attached the new antenna but he also greased the gears.  Dave came over and wanted to know how the Winegard antenna worked.  We were just tuning in the channels so he came in to see.  
Dave, George, Me and Bob

With the old bat wing antenna you just turned it around and kept programming and hoping we got it turned in the right direction.  With this one it shows a bar on the TV as you turn it from bad to good and the color also changes.  I think this is going to be much better than the bat wing.  George did tell me that we should put it down in winds of 75 mph or greater.  

George has done so many neat additions to his coach.  He also installed our sewer hose container that we've had in the basement for years.  Thank you again, George.

We had wondered where Bob and Pam were most of yesterday.  Bob came over and said he was very dizzy yesterday and Pam took him to the urgent care.  They sent him up to the hospital in Parker thinking he might have had a stroke.  Luckily, it turned out to be vertigo.  They'll always remember their first time in Quartzite with a visit to the hospital.

Dennis and Linda Ward came over to see how our satellite worked.  I said our appointment wasn't until 2 pm.  We hitched up the coach shortly afterward and drove it into town.  There were four motor homes already there.  We were about 25 minutes  early but they started on it right away.  

I knew Don had dialysis today so I gave Sharon a call and we stopped to visit for a few minutes.  Gigi did not leave Bill's lap the entire time we were there.

There's always someplace in town to kill some time.  We went to the flea markets on the western part of Main.  We thought of Don Del Rosario when we saw this giant anchor.  Don probably likes his wooden carved one better.
It's amazing some of the items you see at a flea market.  

By now, we've missed the Montana group potluck.  Bill wanted to know where I wanted to go for dinner.  As we were driving down the street, I saw a big crowd at the Yacht Club.  Someone had told us that it had been closed or sold so I wanted to see if it was as good as before.  Tonight's special was $7.95 for fish, fries and cole slaw.  Even though they were crowded we didn't have to wait for a table.  Our waitress was very quick and efficient.  Of course, when you're trying to kill time, you get your food quickly.  I even drank my entire beer without passing it over to Bill to finish.  

We were told the satellite installation would take a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.  We went back over and the installer was just finishing.  I listened to the instructions and when she looked at me, she gave me her cell number in case I couldn't figure it out.  I'm sure it will be easier once we start using it.  I didn't have both receivers with us, so I was trying to take notes on how to install the other receiver. 

We picked up our receipt and warranty information and started hitching up.  It was getting dark fast.
The sun was setting when we started back to the Circling of the Wagons.  By the time we made the turn it was pitch dark.  Nothing like setting up in the dark.  

Turtle Safely......

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