Friday, February 19, 2016

You Never Know Who You're Going to See.

Winterhaven, California

Pilot Knob RV Resort

You never know who is nearby.  Can you believe three different couples that we didn't know were here?

We knew Ray and Cindy Warner were nearby but they have such a busy schedule we didn't even call them since we only planned to be here overnight.  

This morning I received a call from Freddy and Delcie Prather.  They were in the Escapees Class of 2009 that we were adopted into by class president, Sandie Dixon.  It's hard to believe we've known them so long.  We last saw them at an Elk's lodge in Lubbuck, Texas last October.    

After a short discussion we, extended our stay another day and a chance to visit with them.  Since we were staying another day we decided to go to Mexico this morning.  I'm sure Shay and Misty will be happy to know we did get two bottles of Tekali--almond flavored tequila.  I put them away for safe keeping until we see them this summer.  

The Quechan parking lot was almost filled to capacity. Once we crossed into Mexico all the vendors were calling Bill "cowboy".  I love hearing all their ways of getting customers to stop in the "stores".

The lines to get back into the United States were very short at the border and it only took us 20 minutes to get through customs.  Of course, you can't purchase liquor until 11 am in Mexico so the people that crossed the border to buy liquor were just starting to get in line to go back across the border.  

While we were waiting in the Purple Store for the 11 am time when we could purchase the tequila, I saw a sign in the pharmacy section that they had hand cream.  I went back to check out that section.  I found the turtle cream like what I bought in Australia for over $20 which was in a very small bottle.  This bottle was 32 ounces and cost $2.63.  

Once back on US grounds we gave Freddy a call and found out they were in the spot where we stayed a couple of years ago.  Their rooftop is visible from our site.  

It was so good to visit with them.  I couldn't believe how big Echo is.  She was a tiny puppy when we saw her in October.

The second couple we found that is in the area is Dennis and Linda Ward.  They were having more solar panels installed.  They met us at Da Boyz for dinner.  The four of us shared the family feast.  It was two large serving bowls of spaghetti, a large salad, garlic bread, and a large pizza.  Linda and Dennis were good and only ate the salad and pizza and took their spaghetti home for tomorrow's dinner.  I cleaned my plate. Oh yes, the price for all that is $22.99 for four people.

I then found out that George and Susie Yates are in site #77 and invited us for Happy Hour.  By the time we returned from dinner it was way too late to visit with them.  Oh well, I know our roads will cross again sometime in the future. 

Bedtime is going to be early tonight.  

Turtle Safely........ 

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