Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Late Start

Benson, AZ
Cochise Terrace 

Normally we're on the road by nine-ish.  Today was different, we were waiting for a package to be delivered.  It was suppose to arrive yesterday and I can't seem to get a tracking number from the company.  

We left Sundance around 11 and traveled about 118 miles to Benson.  Our plans were to come down last week, but with Bill having problems with his heart rate we decided to leave today.  

Normally we go to the Woodcarvers in Congress in March, but Bill didn't feel artistic.

We'll stay here a couple of days and then head south for the rest of the week.  

When we checked in they had a nice pull through, but I decided to take a back in with a gorgeous few of the mountains.  Yes, I did back it in, but the park host directed me instead of Bill.  I had to do it twice as he had me too close to a tree.  

No sooner than we were parked, Don Del Rosario was at the door.  It's so good to see him.    

We said we'd see them for Happy Hour and about 3:30 we rode over.  I didn't think walking over was a good idea since it was uphill.  

Don was napping when we arrived but Sharon showed us how they have the casita fixed up for the dialysis.  She's learned so much about this.  She'd given Don his dialysis earlier in the day.  

Frank and Gloria King arrived a little while later.  Gigi might have been happy to see us, but Gloria got a bigger welcome.  

Included with our Passport America rate were two tickets for tonight's dinner which included a chicken wrap, applesauce, dessert and a drink.  It was just enough.  

This is a beautiful park and they have plenty of employees to keep it looking perfect.  Unfortunately, they are out of tickets for the St. Patrick's Day Dinner and dance.  

Notice in the above photo that everyone has their phones out.  Everyone was checking their heart rate on the smartphones.  

While we're here, we plan to visit the Amerind Museum.  We've passed it numerous times and decided to try and see it tomorrow.  There is so much to see and do in this area. 

The news was saying that there is a National Adopt a Tortoise day coming up.  The only problem is they live to be 100 years old and I guess we'd be starting too late in life.  

Turtle Safely...... 

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