Friday, March 18, 2016

Dragoon And Another Montana Mingle

Cochise Terrace
Benson, Arizona

We started out about 9:30 for the Amerind Museum in Dragoon.  Anyone that has ever traveled across I 10 in Arizona has probably stopped at Texas Canyon Rest Stop.  It's a place that you'd just stop at for the sheer beauty not because you need a potty stop.  

The Dragoon exit was closed so we decided to just go on over to Willcox.  I knew there was an information center next door to Apple Annie's.  The information center gave us an alternate route to get to the museum.  

Bill had fixed a breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, and fruit right before we left and we were both still stuffed so didn't stop for a piece of pie at Annies. I'll regret passing that up later.

We checked out the Elk's lodge to see how full the RV park was.  Bill and I both love walking the streets in old town Willcox.  There would have been enough empty parking spaces to have parked the fifth wheel.  

It was a gorgeous day and I could almost hear Rex Allen singing Streets of Laredo.  
Not many towns have a famous horse buried in them.

The last time we visited Willcox we toured the Rex Allen Museum and also Marty Robbins so we did not do it today.

We drove down Cochise Stronghold and over to Dragoon.  We've never been on this road before and enjoyed the drive.  I was amazed at the vineyards and wineries that we passed.  

The Amerind is located in a beautiful area.  Unfortunately, you were not allowed to photograph anything.
Your nine dollar senior admission includes the museum and the art museum that adjoins it.  This place has always been on our bucket list. One thing to note is that there is a well marked RV parking area.  I was really having a problem with my foot today and there were a lot of steps to climb which seems to aggravate it.

By the time we left the day was getting away from us so we headed back to Benson.

Here's a view of the area from our picnic table.  Do you see the roadrunner?

We really love this park and I would request this site again if we return.

Ron and Mary, Gloria and Frank, and Don and Sharon came by for Happy Hour.  

These Montana owners did not know each other before today, but I have a feeling they will see each other again. 

I don't know if I mentioned that Sharon has been a long time member of the MOC.  She was a solo that owned a Montana before she married Don. 

We were heading back to Casa Grande tomorrow, but we've been having such a good time, decided to stay longer.  

Here's my public service hint for the day.  If you want a place to pull over and Texas Canyon is still closed,  there is RV parking here.  For a dollar you can see the Thing.  

Turtle Safely.......

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