Friday, April 29, 2016

Broke the Rules

Junction, Texas
Junction North Llano River RV Park

Bill and I both agreed we need to slow down.  The Escapade in Vermont is in July, but I'm worried about having enough time to see some places of interest and still arrive in time.  We've been over theses same roads a lot of times, but I did find something I wanted to stop and see. 

We checked the map this morning and changed direction again.  Our plan was to head south to US 90 and head east on that road.  It isn't a freeway but the road was in great condition the last time we traveled it. When we started to hook up, we realized the winds weren't over yet.  It just made better sense to us, to continue on I 10 and take advantage of the tail wind.  You can't feel any wind when driving until you get out of the truck.  No problem, we can cut south at Fort Stockton.  

 This is the signage at the Texas Rest Areas.
A mural in the ladies restroom.

Bill drove today and we took the business route through Fort Stockton.  Maybe we'd tour the historical fort.  As we pulled up to the entrance it didn't look like much and we both said we'd pass until next time.

We still had a tailwind so we decided to drive on I 10 and stay in Ozona.  There is a reason we don't like to make reservations.  You never know what condition a RV park is until you pull up.  There was a highway sign directing us to a Economy Inn RV park.  It was literally a gravel area with small old travel trailers.  I noticed one site had a 50 amp service.  The sites were extremely narrow and short.  There were so many empty sites, we could have hung over the site and it wouldn't have bothered anyone.  Now bear in mind, we paid $13.50 last night for 50 amp full hook ups with WIFI and cable.  We walked over to the office and had to push a doorbell for the attendant.  I asked how much and the man said $32.  Now if you can picture the smell of the man and that he didn't speak English well, you'll understand why he put up three fingers on one had and two on the other.  He thought I didn't understand the $32.  I asked if there were any discounts thinking this might be expensive if it was a PA half price at $16.  He said he'd do a 30 amp for $30.  Bill and I both turned around and said "no thanks." 

I said there was another park a few exits down and we could still drive back to see the Davey Crockett monument.   We drove through the park and neither of us wanted to get out of the truck.  There were a couple of rigs in it, but the grass was knee high and paint was peeling everywhere.  It was an old KOA. 

Now were have broken our two, two, two, two rules.  No more than 200 miles, stay two days, in by 2 pm and no more than two attractions in a day.  Bill was feeling fine, so we didn't change drivers and drove eastward to Junction.  

This is a prime example of why we don't make reservations.  We never know where we might end up and just because a RV park looked good when they took photos of it for advertising doesn't mean they are in the same condition today. 

We are in a beautiful well kept park on the LLano River.  You can tell when you pull in how the management is.  After we were parked we went back and extended another day.  This town has 3 days free parking at the city park overlooking the river without hook ups.

When we went back to extend our stay the lady suggested either Isaack's or Lum's Bar-b-cue.  She said Isaack's had a all you can eat catfish tonight.  It was a hard decision since we passed Lum's and they were really smoking something, but we weren't disappointed.  We both ordered the senior special of three pieces of catfish with choice of two sides, and the salad bar.  This also included peach cobbler.  Did I mention it was $7.99?

When we returned we were going to go swimming, in the pool not the river, but I called Direct TV to change our service location.  That took me over an hour and the girl said she'd call me back in an hour.  Nothing unusual, I knew neither of the two people I talked with knew what they were doing.  Of course it has been over three hours and no one called me back.  

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow.  There is the Devil's Sinkhole, Lyndon Johnson's birth home, the Caverns of Sonora, the Bat Cave and they also rent canoes and tubes.  

 Here's a few photos earlier in the week.
Brother in law, Dave, helping with my new computer.
 Notice my turtle that rides with us.  Thank you again, Shay.

Abernathy's and ours.

For those of you in states that don't recognize problems with the illegals, here's a border patrol checkpoint which is common in the southwest.

Turtle Safely......


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