Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Deming, New Mexico

This morning we had an 8:30 appointment with our family doctor for our annual six month checkup.  We stopped for breakfast after receiving a good report from our doctor.  Bill was at the wheel when we pulled out of Sundance RV Resort at around 10:30. 

We noticed that the sky wasn't real blue but it took about 60 miles before we realized that there was blowing dust making the sky look so strange.  Texas Canyon is always our first stop when traveling east on I 10 but not today.  It was closed last month and is still closed.  No problem, we'll stop at the next rest area near the border.  Nope not there either, it's closed. 

I had told Bill I would take over the driving at Texas Canyon but since we didn't stop until a few miles before we reached Deming, he drove the entire day.  The winds weren't bad as they were tail winds, but when finally stopped at Bowin's we could hardly get out of the truck.  We arrived at Dreamcatchers around 4:30.  We missed Happy Hour! 

Jim and Martha Abernathy were already there but we got a site next to them.  Jim was out to say "hi" as we pulled in.  The winds were really bad now that we're parked. 

A big group of Escapees went over to the hotel as Tuesday is one dollar taco night.  The four of us decided to go over as no one was real hungry.  They weren't bad and where can you get a meal for that price.  Needless to say we talked a lot longer than the food lasted. 

We were really exhausted due to the time change and for some reason we were up about 5 am this morning.  I felt badly that we declined the invitation to the Abernathy's, but we wouldn't have been great company anyway . 

A lot has happened since I last blogged but the most frustrating is I got a new laptop.  This one is Windows 10 and the keys are spaced differently than my old one.  I am having trouble typing and find I keep hitting the wrong key.  I can't remember all the passwords I had on the old computer.

Where are my photos for the blog?  Well let's see.  There's the one of Dave Sweetman on the roof of our coach, the one's of the wooden legs he made to raise my shelf for my can goods.  The one of Bud and Susie Walsh who had us for dinner.  The one of John and Gerri Beckman who spent the afternoon gathering info for their summer adventures.  I carried the camera with me, but neglected the photos.  I must remember to use it, not just carry it around with me. 

I had a photo memory pop up on Facebook.  It was two years ago when we left Benson with Don and Sharon Del Rosario headed for Deming.  We ended up staying three days with the blowing dust and winds.  Not as bad as it was two years ago but the girl at check in told me they had I 10 closed yesterday because of the dust storms too.

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