Saturday, April 9, 2016

Western Spirit

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

Bill seemed to be almost back to his normal self.  He felt like doing something today so we took off early this morning for an event at Salt River Field in Scottsdale, unfortunately when we arrived we found out the event had been cancelled.  Now being the good RVer's that we are, we realized a little bump in the road can lead you down another road. That other road led us to the Scottsdale's Museum of the West--Western Spirit.

We've been talking about visiting it ever since they opened it last year.  Nothing like having free underground parking so you're parked out of the sunlight.  Another great thing was that we arrived just as they were opening so it wasn't very busy yet.  

If you've ever toured the Basha's museum, you'll love this one.  Bill loves art and anything cowboy.  He had both in this museum.  

There was a video, but we didn't see it.  We were too busy looking at all the great artwork they had.

There were huge bronzes in the lobby.
 There was an entire exhibit from painter Charles Fritz who painted the exposition from the writings of Lewis and Clark.
This collection had over 100 paintings.

The next exhibition was A Salute to Cowboy Artists of America.  This organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  
This was my favorite painting.
The wall and floor was painted so it made it look like you were out on the ranch somewhere.
Bill needed his western hat and boots in this photo.
The A. P. Hays Spirit of the West Collection had anything cowboy from the 19 western states.  There was a small gun collection but a great holster display.

Saddles, bits, spurs, knives and rodeo paraphernalia were tastefully displayed.
This museum didn't have so much reading that it overpowered everything.
 There was even a collection of prison made items.
Bill always wanted to own a pair of woolies.  I'm sorry the photo doesn't show all the silver on that saddle.

Every item was a good example of the west.
I never knew knives came in so many different shapes.

As I was reading where the prison items came from, I realized we've visited all but one.  Does that say something?
Marshal badges are the very simply ones.

I was glad that there were comfortable chairs to sit on while I waited for Bill to take everything in.

We were so absorbed with the museum that we didn't take the opportunity to visit the sculpture courtyard.

They had a very expensive gift shop offering western themed items.  First rate but way above my budget.

We were getting very tired and then realized that there is a second floor.  The second floor contained a collection of contemporary artists on loan from western art collector Tim Peterson.  

Another one of my favorites.  Do you think maybe this has to do with our love of RVing?  Anything with wheels to get you over the next horizon.

Are you tired of looking at all of this art?  I get to a point where I just can't absorb anymore and yell "overload".  
It was a great experience and I'm so happy things worked out the way they did. 

You can't see the sidewalks but they have artwork in them.

Turtle Safely........

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