Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Love Bugs

Port Arnansas, Texas
Pioneer RV Resort

Our plan was to tour the Lexington.  Yesterday we thought it was a great idea, but for some reason today it didn't seem like something either one of us wanted to do.  

We drove up to Port A as there was a lighthouse that sounded interesting.  I think I read that it was built in 1852 and during the civil war the lens was stolen so the lighthouse wasn't useful.  The lens was buried in the sand and has never been recovered.  As we approached I read in the brochure, that you need to take a boat out to it.  

After we drove back to the park without seeing the lighthouse, we took another walk to the beach.  Unfortunately, while there wasn't anyone on the beach, we weren't alone.

One thing about Arizona that I love is there aren't any bugs like the rest of the USA.

Love bugs are everywhere.
Can you see them all over the boardwalk?
Bill kept flicking them off of me.
I wondered why there weren't any shells but look what was in the sand.
These are love bugs.

It was time to go visit Rollie and Janet Newman.  Hope we had all the bugs off of us.
Rollie and Janet do a lot of volunteer work especially the Red Cross.
Janet was very helpful with directions around Houston.
Because we cut off in Anthony, NM for the El Paso cutoff we didn't get a chance to stop at the Texas welcome center. Janet had a stack of brochures for us.

We said our good byes and headed down the road to see the National Seashore.  Rollie had told us about his volunteer job at the National Park and we didn't want to miss seeing the turtle exhibit.

Unfortunately, they were just closing the Visitor Center but we still walked around.  This is probably the most deserted National Park we've ever been to.

The sand was very soft here as compared to the hard sand on Mustang Island.

Nothing like having a beach all to ourselves.

This is the vistor center.
Just the way Bill likes it--no people around.

Did I mention that it was a beautiful day?
Do you want to take bets on how long it will take before Bill has these love bugs off?

Turtle Safely......

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