Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Plucked Chicken and Mermaid

Columbus, Georgia
Lake Pines RV Park

I'm going to surprise my readers who didn't believe me when I said we going to rest the past two days.  We did it!
We spent Memorial Day resting and reading on the patio.  The weather was wonderful and perfect for a holiday.  The park was packed but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves without disturbing anyone.

We had two flags out but they were the only two flags in the whole park except for one a few sites away from us.  I can't believe that as many RVs as was here, no one else had a flag out.

Today we had a dilemma.  I suddenly realized that we've been here a week and not tasted any local cuisine.  No problem, we'll try somewhere for lunch and come back and spend the afternoon in the pool.

I checked the local visitor's book of 51 things to see and do in Columbus.  I narrowed it down to two places that looked unique.  

There was Dinglewood Pharmacy which has a scrambled dog.  The chopped up hot dog and bun are smothered in chili, onions, pickles and covered with oyster crackers.  They have been making these for almost 100 years.

The second choice was the Plucked Up Chicken and Biscuits. The example  shown in the booklets was the Chelsea Biscuit which has a biscuit, fried chicken, pimento chest, bacon and jalapeno jelly.  

We both decided on the Plucked Up Chicken and we made a good choice.  It is located in the downtown area and we found a parking place right out front.  They are open 7 am until 3.  It wasn't quite 12 and the place was almost packed.  

It isn't very big but as it filled up people were quite content to wait for a table.  

I thought this should be posted in every restaurant.

We were immediately waited on and there was a good selection on the menu, as an example of prices, chicken fried steak and potatoes was $4.75. 

I asked our waitress to bring us the most popular thing on the menu.  She said she'd bring us two Chicken Coops.

It came on a platter.  There was fresh baked biscuit with gravy, fried chicken (you could have had grilled), bacon (lots of bacon,) cheese, parsley and two eggs.  Bill smiled the whole time he devoured his meal.  It must have weighed a couple of pounds. I'm a big eater and I couldn't finish it all.  I'm sure this wouldn't be considered heart healthy, but it sure was good.  

When we returned we put on our bathing suits and went to the pool.  It was worth waiting until today because we had the pool to ourselves most of the time.  

A mom and her 8 year old joined us later.  Ella had a mermaid suit which she received for getting straight A's.  It consists of two parts.  One is a fin section and the other is  some kind of stretchy material that slips over the fin and a "girdle" style fit up to her waist.  

She said it was easy to swim in and was comfortable.  I guess this is something new, but is catching on fast.  I'm glad we saw how she put it one.
I spotted this other animal in the pool.

Tomorrow we pull out.  We've really enjoyed our visit here and realize a week isn't anywhere near long enough to enjoy this town.  The weather has been perfect which has allowed us to enjoy all the outdoor activities.  

Turtle Safely........

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