Thursday, May 19, 2016

Travel Days

Hope Hull, Alabama
Montgomery South RV Park

Not a lot to say so this will be short.  Yesterday we pulled out of Lakeside RV Park in Livingston, Louisiana. The weather was cloudy and once again they were predicting rain.  Can we be that lucky to avoid the rain again?   For those of you who do a lot of planning, take a deep breath and relax.  When we left Livingston, our plans were to go either north up to Anniston, Alabama or to St. Augustine. Florida.  It wasn't until we stopped for a cup of coffee at the Mississippi Rest Stop that we decided to head north.  We had two options one to stop south of Mobile and the other to stop at the SKP park.  

This is where we made our decision.  When we got near Mobile, Bill said he wasn't ready to stop so he kept driving.  It was cloudy in the morning but the sun had come out.  

We ended up stopping at Lakeside RV Park.  It was in Owasso, Alabama.  It was a Passport America park for $15 a night.  The owner wasn't around but said to pick a spot and he'd come by later.  The sites were large pull thru and unlevel, but we had no problem with our 6-points.  It was full hook ups, 50 amp service but we only hooked up the electric as we were only staying overnight and we had plenty of water on board.  

Can you believe we stayed back to back at parks named Lakeside.  I guess it must be a popular name.  It's hard to believe we still haven't had rain except at night when we're in bed.  

It rained pretty hard around midnight and since we were not in any hurry to leave we gave the awning a chance to dry out.  Bill always likes to have cloudy days when he drives.  He's been doing all the driving since we crossed the Mississippi.

It wasn't far to our next stop in Hope Hull just outside of Montgomery.  This is a passport america (50% discount) park and very nice.  They offered the discount for three days and some parks don't do the discount on the weekends.

I had forgotten that the Hyundai plant is here.  In the past I tried to get a plant tour at BMW but they were booked for three weeks.  I also had thought we'd do the Mercedes plant which isn't far.  They only do them two days a week, so needless to say they are filled.  I can't believe the tours fill up.

I'm sure we'll find plenty to do in the area.  

We did go to Costco and have them check our tire on the truck.  They did find a nail in it.  I love those tire monitors.  It only lost a pound or two since we were in Texas but glad we don't have that to worry about.  

All this rain in the area, and we still haven't towed in rain. 

The one place we had on our bucket list is getting closer.  

Turtle Safely.......

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