Monday, July 25, 2016

56th Escapade--Monday

Essex Junction, Vermont
Champlain Valley Exposition

I heard a big truck behind us this morning around 7:30 am.  Bill went out and made sure our basement door was open.  The honey wagon was going to pump out the staff coaches beginning this morning.

In all the years of RVing, this is the first time we've ever been pumped out.  For anyone out there that doesn't RV, a honey wagon is a sewer pump out service.   Since the exposition center doesn't have sewer hook ups, there was an option to have a pump out as part of your reservation.  I'm sure we didn't have much in our tanks and could have waited until we left the rally grounds.

Bill wanted to get the oil changed on the truck while we were here, so this morning seemed like a good chance to do it.  We went to Jason's Auto repair and he did the oil change.  

It was still early so we decided to go and visit Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory.  

We pulled into the first parking lot and then the parking attendant saw our handicap tag and told us to go up the hill to the other parking lot.  The upper parking lot has a sharp u turn and is shared with the RV parking.  Now I'm not saying it isn't doable but the RV parking is blind side back ins.  A small class C dragged as he was leaving trying to make the tight turn down the steep hill.  

All I can say is, been there, done that.  I wouldn't go back.  

It was crowded, very crowded.  They were running tours every 15 minutes.  Our 15 minute tour consists of a 7 minute video, walking into a small second floor glass enclosed room, where you look down at the factory and a tasting.  No photos were allowed in that room.  The guide, who was enthusiastic told us the 5 steps to making ice cream.   Then we walked back down the two flights of steps to the tasting room. 

There were little paper cups that you used to see in hospitals that hold medication filled with ice cream.  There were no choices, no spoons.  

Was I impressed?  Don't waste your three dollars for seniors.

We headed back to the Escapade.  I hadn't had time to visit the vendors market or the row so I walked over to the expo hall and then remembered that I wanted to attend a Geeks on Tour seminar.  It was 4 pm when I left the class and right outside the door was the Paul Every happy hour.  Today they were serving margarita's, water, canned margaritas and sodas along with chips and salsa.

Johnny Goodrum was playing and singing.  I could listen to him all day.  

I didn't have the camera or phone with me, so I didn't get any photos.  As soon as happy hour was over we went back into the expo for the prize drawing and entertainment.  

The Marlin's were great entertainment.  By the time you leave the coach in the morning and you don't return until 9 pm it makes a very long day.  

Turtle Safely......  

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