Sunday, July 24, 2016

Essex Junction Escapade--Sunday

Essex Junction, Vermont
Champlain Valley Exposition

It's been a very long day, but a wonderful day.  

Bill and I went up to the Expo building this morning to open our booth before 9.  We manned the booth with Lloyd and Donna and you would have thought that we've been working together for a long time.  It went so smoothly.  It was busy and pretty steady with lots of questions by newbies and old timers alike.  

I think we only have about 5 volunteer positions available.  We've asked people to only volunteer for one 3 hour position to allow everyone who arrived today a chance to volunteer.  We'll open up the other few positions tomorrow for those who want to do more than one.

Kay Peterson, founder, of the Escapees always has a smile on her face.  She's signing some of her books.  
She's always has a crowd around her, but I did manage a few words with her.  

We just had a lot of fun, no matter what was going on.  Notice the cape and the underwear is on backwards.  

The opening ceremony was held at 3 pm.  Kay Peterson is a born comedian.  She entertained all 2,400 people with her true life stories.  

There was a prize drawing of four $100.00 prizes.  Tom and Jodie Scales both won.  Talk about lucky.  

Opening ceremony always has all the chapters march in with their banners.  
We belong to the Chapter 45--Valley of the Sun.
We also belong to the Boomers.

The ice cream social always follows the opening ceremony.  It always amazes me how quickly the ice cream is served.  

Do you know how hard it is to find some of your friends in a group that large?  Bill and I spotted the Boyer's and showed them to the Paul Evert happy hour which was just a few steps away.  Today was chips, pretzels, trail mix and popcorn with a large selection of beer,  soft drinks and water.  Add the good sounds coming from Johnny Goodrum and you can't have a better happy hour.  

Johnny Goodrum has been playing music for the Escapades for a very long time.  I know he's belonged to the Escapees for a long time as evidenced by his low membership number.  He plays music that appeals to people our age.  

Finding a table big enough for a small group, is a challenge but we all squeezed in.  John and Karen came down later but they carried their lawn chairs.  

By the time Happy Hour was winding down, it was time to go back in the Expo Hall for the evening's prize drawing and entertainment.

Larry and Marilyn Forbes do the prize drawing.  They keep everyone entertained during the drawing. They manage to keep the prize drawing flowing smoothly.  

Here's what our 40 page program book had to say about the evening entertainment.  "Describing a Jimmy Travis show or presentation is a lot like trying to herd cats!  It's not impossible, but definitely takes some doing.  He's funny, creative, spontaneous, energetic and since he frequently interacts with the audience, no two shows are ever the same!  Simply put, Jimmy Travis is unique."

I was laughing so hard, my sides hurt.  I think Bill had tears coming down he was laughing so much.  Bill said afterwards he's never heard someone so funny.  Do you think we liked it?

When we returned to the coach, we'd been gone for 12 hours.  It will be even busier once the seminars begin tomorrow.  

Are we enjoying ourselves?  You bet we are!  Are we exhausted?  Yes, but in a very good way.  

Molly and Bob Pinner, the directors, are always up and about before we get over to the buildings and they are still up when we leave.  They've been here at the Exposition center for many weeks working on all the details.  I'm just amazed how flawless the whole event goes.  

Turtle Safely......

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