Sunday, July 10, 2016

Inching North

Schodack Landing
State Park

We were in no hurry this morning as we only had about 80 miles to reach Schodack Landing.  

I knew there were escapees in the sites near us, but we were way to exhausted last night to go to happy hour.   This morning I found out that Ray and Loretta were beside us on one side and Jodie and Tom Scales were on the other.  I knew we'd see everyone in Vermont and we could get our Escapee hugs then.  
I guess we were talking so much I didn't get a photo of Ray and Loretta.

The drive today was uneventful, except for all the stops at the toll booths.  

The GPS really took us around about way to get here.   When I made reservations on line, there were only two available sites.  When we pulled into the riverfront loop it was practically empty.  

I noticed a water faucet along the road and thought it was a strange place for one.  Bill pulled up to our site and I jumped out to direct him.  For some reason I checked the site and found out that there is no water.  Lucky for us we could fill the fresh water tank from where we were stopped on the road.  I knew this site had 50 amp service but no sewer.  I guess water never entered my mind.  I was surely glad we didn't find out once we were unhitched.  

This is a gorgeous park right along the Hudson.  We walked down to the boat launch after dinner.  

Here's what was posted about the Hudson River that flows two ways:

     The Hudson River is in no hurry to reach the Atlantic     Ocean.  The Native Americans knew that.  They called it Muhheakantuck--"river that flows two ways."  Today we refer to the Hudson as a "tidal Estuary."  The Hudson's current changes direction four times daily as ocean tides pulse upriver 150 miles to the Troy dam.  If you drop a stick in at Troy, drifting back and forth, it will reach the ocean roughly 126 days later.

An estuary is a place where salt water and fresh water mingle.  Seawater entering the Hudson meets fresh water flowing from the upper river and tributaries.  In the summer you might taste a bit of salt in Newburgh, 60 miles north of New York City.

The bridge in this photo is the interstate.  

Isn't this a nice boat launch?

There were many people sitting on benches or chairs just enjoying the river.  

Turtle Safely.........


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