Sunday, July 31, 2016

One left, three to go.

Addison, Vermont
10 Acres Campground

This morning Sherry and Dave pulled out headed to New York to meet their son, daughter in law, and grand daughter. Tomorrow the rest of us will all be leaving heading in opposite directions.  

This afternoon Bill wanted to top of the diesel so we decided to ride over to Middlebury and visit the Sheldon Museum while we were there.  
The Judge-Harris three story house was built in 1829 at a cost of $7,885.  Henry Sheldon was recorded as living there with 12 other men and five women in the 1830 census.  It is believed that the house was used as a boarding house.  Henry Sheldon bought the house in 1850.
There were six fireplaces with rare black marble mantels in the home  which came from Eben Judd's nearby marble quarry. 
I thought this was an interesting table.  It could be used to block drafts from the fireplace in this position or pivoted to make it into a table.

Fairy Bicycle ca 1920

There was a special bicycle exhibit.  I wasn't sure what to expect and I'm sure we probably wouldn't have searched out a bicycle museum but I must say it was interesting.

Hanlon American style velocipede ca 1869

Crypto geared front driver 
Bicycle Gun ca 1880

This was called a Kangaroo bicycle.  We couldn't figure out why it had two sets of pedals.  They had some notebooks with information and we read that the top footrests were used to put your feet on while going down hill.

There were a lot more, but you get the idea of how extensive it was.  

The museum was very well done and there were some beautiful pieces of furniture.

In 1856, Henry Sheldon joined the Freemasons and remained an active member his entire life.

In the 1880's there were 165 members in the Freemason Union Lodge #2.  The Middlebury chapter was formed in 1794 and still exists today.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk around town.

It just goes to show you can't just drive through a town.  We had no idea that John Deere was an apprentice in this little village.  

It's such a beautiful little town.  There's walking trails everywhere.

Can you see the waterfall from the main street?

There were families fishing and enjoying the water.  

We walked back up on Main Street.  This was the best day to walk as through the week it was difficult to find a parking place.

Here's a view from the top of the falls.  

As we were heading back to the RV park, Bill pulled into Goodies ice cream.  It was packed and he had to park in the last row.  We waited in line and there were about 10-12 people in line ahead of us.  I stood there for a while and then decided I really didn't want anything that badly.  

We returned home and had some left over birthday cake.

Tomorrow we are moving a little ways south to Rutland.  

Turtle Safely.......

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