Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sipping and Tasting

Addison, Vermont
10 Acres Campground and RV Park

Bill and I rode over to Middlebury with Sherry and Dave this morning.  Polly and Vern drove there truck over to see about getting an oil change.  A short time later, Polly called to say they couldn't do it today and they were at the hard cider store.  We weren't far away so Dave drove over.  
There was a whole sheet of different kinds of hard cider to try.  For $3.00 we received 4 half glasses.
I only liked one which was the blueberry flavor.  I think I tried an Irish original, cherry and raspberry.  

We headed upstairs for the self guided tour.  The room had glass walls where you could look down at the entire process.

I thought the details were well thought out.
I must say I didn't know much about this company before the tasting.
They have won a lot of awards.  

This is definitely a Vermont company.  They have expanded a lot in at short period of time.  

 They had an area to take photos and some props to use.  

Left to right--Dave and Sherry Sweetman, me, Vern and Polly Folger

Right next door was Maple Landmark Woodcraft which makes wood products which are mostly toys.

I loved the flag made out of little wooden trucks that they produce.

Sherry said she had ordered a train with alphabet train cars that spelled out her grandson's name, Troy, some years ago from the internet.  She now has another grandson so was able to do another name train for the youngest. 

It was lunch time when we finished so decided to head over to the Marble Works where there was a farmer's market advertised today.  Well it looked like they did have a farmer's market, but they were closing up.  

Noonies deli sounded like a perfect spot to have a light lunch.  What great sandwiches they had.  They were so large Bill and I all shared one sandwich.

Sherry chose New York Spicy Dill Pickle chips, while I picked aged cheddar horseradish.  All I can say is I tried them.  Not something I'd want to have often.

We did a short stop at Vermont's Largest Candy Store.  The store had lots of different jars of candy that you can buy by the pound.  

When we arrived back Carolyn and Craig Mills where just finishing setting up.

Just in time for happy hour.  

Tomorrow we had over to the Escapade.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  

Turtle Safely........

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