Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Amado Chapter 21 & 45 Joint Rally

Amado, AZ
De Anza RV Resort

Getting up and out the door by 7:30 am is getting easier.  Today the resort served pancakes with fruit and bacon.  I could only finish half of my breakfast.  It was good but way too large for me to finish.  

Dave Cross came over and helped me figure out why I couldn't get Facebook to work on my tablet.  It was so simple to fix, it was embarrassing.  I had the camera with us, but was just to busy to remember to take photos.

After breakfast we joined the chapters for the games.  Today we played the bean bag toss.  I didn't do well, but we had a lot of fun.  Bill and I played darts for awhile, but he beat me.  

We wanted to go to Tubac and check out the shops.  They have some beautiful unique shops and we wanted to walk around town before the temperature rose to the predicted 98 degrees.  

I know my followers aren't going to believe this but the only thing I bought was from a kitchen shop.  Yes, I was in the kitchen store.  I bought a nice cheese slicer, and some magic tool that cuts the plastic on packaging.  
I found some beautiful things in this store, but they all were a thousand dollars or more.  

When we go up I 19 we have to pass through a border patrol station.   Can you see the portable tower they use?

Here's a close up of what it looks like.

Even thought the traffic was backed up a little, it didn't delay us much.  The agents just say "have a nice day" and wave us on.  I guess the grey hair helps.

This part of Arizona is so beautiful.  We always love coming down to this area.  

When we came back it was about an hour before Happy Hour.  We went in and Bill tried to teach me how to play billiards.  Did you notice the word "tried".  Karen and John came in and used the other table.  

There were some door prizes given away, but I didn't win anything.

Carlena and Harry Schoolcraft won a lot.  
Carlena won two bracelets and gave me one of the ones she won.  Thank you, Carlena.

Here's a photo of the park.  

Look at what Amy and Bob had at the entrance.

Here's Jeannie and Ed who are the Chapter 45 leaders.

Here's the Chapter 21 leaders, Sandie and Stu.

There was a seminar on Skymed followed by Happy Hour.  

There was a brand new restaurant, the Firefly, that was about a mile or so away.  Karen Knoll set everything up and I think there were 32 that attended. 

It was nice that they had it set up for four people per table.  So many times they have a long table set up and you can't carry on a conversation with others that aren't sitting near you and it just creates a lot of noise.

I'm sure there is a lost of history surrounding the place, but unfortunately, we didn't learn any of it.

It's a beautiful setting and I think everyone enjoyed it.

The sun was going down and casting great shadows on the mountains when we arrived.

Bill walked around the whole place.

The service was great for such a large group.

Do you think Bill enjoyed it.  He had a cajun pasta that was delicious.  I had garlic shrimp that was equally good.  Both of us cleaned our plates.

Turtle Safely........


  1. Regardless of not winning, it looks like you had a great time.

  2. Yes, but are we ever out of shape.


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