Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Escapees Joint 21/45 Rally

Amado, Arizona
De Anza RV Resort

This morning's breakfast was from 7:30-8:30 but nearly everyone was there by 7:30.  There's something about someone else doing the cooking that makes people show up early.  

Amy and Bob announced that we could have our eggs however we wanted them prepared.  There was also sausage, and potatoes to go with it.  We could even choose what kind of toast we wanted.

After breakfast there were games which had one chapter against the other.  Chapter 45 played the bean bag toss and Chapter 21 played the ladder toss.  There are so many interesting things in this area to see, but since we've been here many times we joined in with the games.  By the number of people playing the games, I don't think many did much sightseeing.  We are very close to Nogales so if any visited Mexico today, they must have all returned to the states safely.  

It was great fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Do you think they solved all the world's problems?

I thought this was a great photo of our friends John and Karen Knoll.

Ed Allard, the president, of Chapter 45 had a few announcements for the members.  

I'm sure he'll repeat the information at the first luncheon after the summer break.  In Arizona, because so many RVers head north, they do not hold luncheons during the summer months.

The big excitement is that Chapter 45 will have a 20 year anniversary celebration at Usery Park in December.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  The park ranger will lead a group on a full moon hike.  There is also a boat ride on Saguaro Lake  scheduled.  

We had Happy Hour and I am happy to report there was less food than last night.  As soon as Happy Hour was over, we had a wonderful dinner put on by the RV resort.  It was a fajitas dinner and I guarantee no one went away hungry.  There was even pie for dessert.  

I'm sorry, I was so busy eating and talking I didn't get any photos.  

Amy and Bob were from Illinois, so they had all the TV's tuned to the World's Series.  

Bill and I were so full from all the food, we decided to go put our bathing suits on and go for a swim in the salt water pool.  

It was another full day of lot's of laughter, fun, and great food.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. You are keeping very busy as usual, all that talking and eating. Glad you are having too much fun.

  2. Where does your energy come from? You on drugs? or somethin?

  3. You do seem to have a lot of fun at all the rallys you attend. Full moon hike sounds great, so does a salt water pool.

    1. I must say I had no idea what terrible shape we are in until we played the games and swam in the pool.


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