Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good to go and good times

Usery Regional Park
Mesa, Arizona

Good news, I was given the go ahead for my eye surgery. Besides the eye measurement and the physical I had to see a consultant to tell me my choices for a lens implant.  Of course, she also could come up with some easy payment plans.  

We stopped at the store to see if they had anymore of those waterproof shoes.  Bill and I decided to stop for lunch somewhere.  We passed a restaurant that looked interesting.  I think the name was Dirt Water or something like that.  We both looked at the menu and didn't see anything that sounded good to us.  The place smelled like a very old bar.  I looked at Bill and he looked at me and we got up and walked out.  I've learned over the years, if you don't have a good feeling about a place, get up and walk out.  Believe it or not we walked next door and had a whopper.  I know we never, ever, do fast food chains, but once in awhile we make an exception.

Here's the view from our steps when we returned.  We just love the desert and how far you can see.  It's hard to believe we are this close to Phoenix.

We walked over to the pavilion to see how many Chapter members had arrived for the camp out.  The area which is next to the hook up sites is dry camping.  No, not without alcohol, it means no electric, water or sewer hookups for those who don't RV.  

Carlena and Harry Schoolcraft have decided to go to Alaska too.  Bill and I are giving them a head ups on the Loosey Goosey gang and some of the important information and stuff we learned from Dennis Hill.

Nothing like having a 75 degree day in December.  Ed Allard, president, of Chapter 45 did an excellent job of booking the park for this date.  The weather forecast said maybe 80 tomorrow.
 There were folks we haven't seen in a long time and some brand new Escapees who haven't attended anything before today.

Isn't it a shame, that we were all looking for shade in December?

Don and John are up to something, look at that grin on Don's face.

Pam is telling Carlena and I of don't miss places in Alaska.

It was a little warm for a campfire, but once the sun goes down, it will be welcomed.  

Some people were playing horseshoes and bean bag toss until it got too dark to see.

It was a great day.

Turtle Safely............


  1. You are enjoying the fun and the desert, plus this wonderful warm sunny weather.

    1. The sunsets and sunrises have been gorgeous.

  2. Boy that looks like a wonderful place to be in December. Always nice to have a great group to have fun with.

    1. It's nice to be around a good group of people and we have the best of two worlds. We're parked over by ourselves.

  3. The Regional Parks of Maricopa County are fantastic. We love Usery! It really is the best of all worlds.

    1. It's hard to believe we are in such a populated area.

  4. Great news about the eye surgery.
    If you would be so kind, send some of that warmth to Ohio. We are freezing here!

  5. I did not know that you were going to Alaska as part of Dennis' Loosey Goosey group. Sure hope y'all stop by on the way back to see us.


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