Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quartzite Day 4

Quartzite, Arizona
Montana Circling of the Wagons

Today was even busier than yesterday.  

There was a seminar on refrigerators this morning.  It was very interesting and Paul explained the operation in a way that I could understand.  He has the patent on the ARPrv Control.  Naturally, we bought one.  

As we were listening to the seminar, a hot air balloon flew overhead.

Before we knew it, it was time for the Escapees Happy Hour.  It was so nice seeing friends that we haven't seen in awhile.  

There were some fifth wheels on display.  As nice as they were, we're still happy with the our Montana we have.   

The music was great, thanks to Johnny Goodrun.  The weather was great--what more could you ask for?  I think everyone liked the new location of the Happy Hour.  Mark did a great job hosting it.  The new location was much easier for parking.  It was close enough we could have walked over but since we had our chairs we all piled into the truck.  Carlena and I rode in the back of the truck.  I didn't have my camera with me, but hopefully, Dennis will share some of his photos.  

Dave Burtrom was kind enough to come over and add another fuse in line for us.  He's going to give Bill and Harry some help with their metal detectors tomorrow.  He also was going to have his telescope out tonight but we started to get cold and decided we'd be better off inside.  Hopefully, we can try it some other night while they are here.

Harry has this really neat smoker grill that Carlena used to make some delicious cookies.  

The Escapees Happy Hour was between 1 and 3.  The Montana Circle has their Happy Hour everyday at 4:30.  Needless to say we were very happy.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. 2 happy hours every day, wow you happy people there.

  2. We're split between the Escapees and the Montana Owners Club.


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