Sunday, February 12, 2017

Count Down to the Blast

Casa Grande, AZ

Tomorrow morning we head to Lake Havasau City for the annual Pyrotechnic Show know as the Winter Blast.  

I think there are 15 of us meeting at the Parker Casino for lunch.  

I haven't blogged since Thursday and there has been so much going on it's impossible to catch up.  

Thursday Don and Sharon Del Rosario and Jan and Paul Kelpe came over for dinner.  Yes, I occasionally cook, but I hope that takes care of it for 2017.  

I didn't blog about them until Sharon blogged.  We've been following Don's health for some time.  The only trips they've made since Don's by pass was once up to Casa Grande and once to Quartzite.  On both of these trips he was on dialysis.  We saw him at Thanksgiving and visited him during his hospital stay in December.  I believe Sharon said he'd lost over 100 pounds since we last saw him right before Christmas.  He's a walking miracle.  He looks so happy and healthy.  Sharon is beaming now, when she looks at him.  

Bill and Paul went to a local gun show in town yesterday. They both came back all smiles.  Bill really enjoyed spending time with Paul.  Jan and I were also smiling when we saw they came home without purchasing anything.

Don and Sharon have spent time buying a new wardrobe for Don.  He was looking for the quick dry clothes like Columbia has and I suggested they go to the outlet malls near Wild Horse Pass Casino.

They continued their shopping in Casa Grande the next day.  While they enjoy Benson, there aren't many stores.  

Jan and I went over to the Gourd Festival.  Jan was really impressed.  She had no idea what to expect.  We both kept saying Joyce would love to attend this.  You could make your own creation, but we both enjoyed observing what other talented people could make.  It was packed, and if you've ever been to the Pinal County Fairgrounds you know how large the parking lot is.  The paved lot was full and they were parking on the dirt lot next door.  I'll post photos, but post them small so I won't use up all your data downloading them.  I'll do it in a separate blog in case you aren't interested in seeing them.  You can make them larger by clicking on them.  

It was impossible to vote on the best one.  There were all different categories and even a category for challenged kids.

Don tried to make dinner reservations at Bedillion's but they were booked up the entire weekend.  We ended up going to the Hong Kong Kitchen.  Bill and I shared a dinner which was more than we needed.  

It's been so much fun having Don, Sharon, Jan and Paul around.  I'm sure this week is going to be a "blast".  

Turtle Safely........


  1. I wanted to go to the Gourd Festival, but we are in Ajo and the drive was a bit too far. Glad it was a great one. Safe travels to Lake Havasau. Should be a great time.

  2. Looks like you are really keeping yourselves built as usual, keep having too much fun.


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