Friday, February 24, 2017

Good Sam Rally--Friday

Avondale, AZ
Phoenix International Raceway

It was cold out this morning but our Mister Buddy  warmed us up in a short time.  Bill was having dizzy spells this morning and when he checked his heart rate we knew why.  

Decided to just sit outside in the sunshine and relax.
Carlena and I realized we didn't sign up for the prize drawing.  We walked back over to do that while Bill and Harry stayed out in the sunshine. 

Look who I found outside the Camping World tent.  It's Mary Lichtenberg, another Montana owner from Nebraska.  She was testing the chairs out.  
Ron was inside buying something.  I thought this was a great photo of Mary and Ron.  Ron's sporting a little more hair this year.

We said hello to Johnny as we walked by.  I can't believe PIR has "music" being played that loud.  It would be difficult for people to appreciate Johnny singing with all the noise.  

This was the first year that I've seen boats for sale at an RV rally.  

Bill thought he felt better and wanted to go to Cabela's.  When he climbed up the steps, he realized he wasn't ready to do any walking.  Maybe another day.

Ron and Mary came by and we had a chance to visit with them.  

Turtle Safely....... 


  1. Looks like a great day at the Rally, always love to hear Johnny signing.

    1. He's very talented and we always enjoy hearing hi. He's also just a great guy.

  2. We visited the Good Sam vendors on Thursday. Not a lot there this year.

    1. It's more of a show for people looking for a RV. They aren't even using the grandstands this year. Makes you wonder if they are having financial problems.

  3. Interesting comment about the show being pretty much for people looking for an RV and not a lot of vendors. Aren't Good Sam and Camping World one and the same with Flying J and Pilot and who knows who else now? Seems like a big conglomerate like that wouldn't be having financial troubles. Very interesting.


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