Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Winter Blast--Tuesday

Lake Havasau City, Arizona
Sara Park Rodeo Grounds

Yesterday I think everyone went to bed early.  I know we were exhausted.  Bill forgot to fuel up the generator and it ran out of gas about 8:45.  I said lets deal with it in the morning and go to bed.  Even though we were in bed early, we still got up at our normal time.  Today I found out most everyone went to bed early.

Bud and Susie had a problem so they won't be here until tomorrow.  It seemed like today was a good day to run some errands.  First off we went to the company that made our Honda generator case for the truck.  It had some rough edges and when I was talking to them at Quartzite, they said to bring it in and they'd take care of it.  Harry and Carlena had ordered a Honda generator box and they were going to get it.  When we walked into the business, Craig Mills was sitting in the chair, waiting for them to install an auxiliary tank.    Craig hopped into Harry's truck and he took us to Walmart while they worked on our generator box.  

We found that our wall clock has quit working.  Changing the batteries didn't work.  Yes, we did the remote batteries first.  Next our made in China lamp fell apart.  Bill's toothbrush quit working, yes we changed the batteries.  

I have been too busy to take many pictures.  

A lot of gabbing going on.  

How do you like Harry's orange Loosey Goosey antenna identifier.

Gigi has adopted George.  She is so cute, when anyone gives her a treat she takes it.  That is until Paul gave her some.  She covered the treat up using her nose to completely cover it with dirt.  
Then George uncovered the treat and Gigi ate it when George gave it to her.

Dennis and Carol have never stayed at Mayberry Campground near Mount Airy.  Carol is showing Dennis how close they have been by it.

Don gave a speech about Dennis and Carol who stood up for them at their wedding.  Don also said Dennis wants to see moose and eagles in Alaska.  
Don presented Dennis with this gift.

What do you think?  I'm not sure what Mark's comment was.
Here's a close up of his eagle hat.

This is where we will watch the show.
I think we'll have good seats.

Of course the Canadian's always wear shorts.
The circle started getting smaller as everyone went in to fix dinner.

Until tomorrow.

Turtle Safely.........


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