Thursday, April 13, 2017

All Menus Aren't the Same and I'm Not Talking About Food!

Pahrump, Nevada
Escapees Pair A Dice RV Park

I guess I'll start with the Chicken Ranch, the second place we visited today as I'll probably lose some readers when they get to the museum part.  

We started the day with a stop at the Chamber of Commerce.  The nice lady suggested we tour "The Best Little Whorehouse in the West" and the Pahrump Valley Musuem.

We had already planned to support the advertisers of the Escapees brochure.  If the Escapees are advertising for the brothel, it must be worth visiting.  

Since it was so close, we didn't take advantage of the free limo.

They had these cute photo cut outs outside the gate.
After you were finished taking the pictures this sign invited to you to come inside.

There was a sign that said you had to be over 21 to enter.  The gate was locked and you had to ring a bell.  

They even had a handicap ramp beside the entrance steps.

The front door opened and we were invited to come in.  I immediately told the girl we were there for the free tour.  

The waiting room was well done.

We were told out of respect for the girls, we could not take any pictures anywhere else.  

The cat house also has a resident cat named Champagne.  I think she/he was alive but it didn't move much.  

Two girls came into the parlor a few minutes later for our tour.   They demonstrated how paying customers would sit and watch the parade of girls walk in.  There was a curtain across one whole wall.  The curtain was pulled back to show a mirror wall.  When the girls entered the room the curtain was pulled to show the posterior view from the mirrors.

The girls explained that the cat house has been a part of the Old West for over 160 years.  

The Chicken Ranch had a great reputation and respect during the years it was located in La Grange, Texas.  President Johnson even had a publicized  visit to the ranch for historic reasons.  

In 1973 after nearly 130 years of operation, Govenor Briscoe ordered Sheriff Flourney to close the Chicken Ranch.

In 1978 the Broadway play "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" became popular Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton starred in the motion picture of the same name.  

41 acres of land was bought right on the Clark County line, which makes the brothel the closest to Las Vegas.  It's perfectly legal.  There's a doctor that checks all the girls every Monday and once a month they have a blood test.  

In the 1800's and during the depression the pay was done by bartering and chickens were used as pay the majority of the time.  That's where the name "The Chicken Ranch" came from.  

The building was a mass of hallways.  The girls rooms were everywhere.  One room had a hot tub and the girl said sex wasn't allowed in the hot tub.  

When we walked out by the pool two girls were sunbathing in the nude.  They chatted for awhile asking us how we were doing.  

We were free to ask the girls any questions.  One girl said she got into the business when she had too many drinks and she was joking around and applied for a job on the internet. She was hired!  They both enjoy their profession.

Being an ex-manager I had to ask what kind of training did they get.  She said it just comes naturally and they do learn from their customers.

The girls work 2 weeks 24/7.  They said the pay is good.  The bungalow is $2500.  Some rooms had a Victorian look, a wild animal room and of course the dungeon.  

The other girl said the dungeon was her favorite room.  There was all kinds of stuff but they took the time to explain how each "worked".  

We were shown the bar and there was only one other couple there.  We had heard they served lunch, but I didn't see any sign of food.  

There were all kinds of souvenirs we could have bought.  

We were handed a bag which had a menu, napkin, matches and business card.  The menu had descriptions of their appetizers, a la carte, ranch specialties, entrees, and even desserts.  Believe me, there are no calories in anything off that menu!   

My question to you my readers is, "how much tip should we have given the girls for the tour."

Since tomorrow is a travel day, I'll wait until then to tell you about our visit to Pahrump Valley Museum.  

Turtle Safely.....



  1. That is now on our bucket list.

    1. It was fun. After we got home I could think of lots of things I wanted to ask them.

  2. Thanks for the tour, I want to go when we were there, but my boss lady said no, So this tour you gave us was better than none. Travel safe tomorrow.

    1. You could always visit it without going in. The Legroom Bar has a separate entrance.

  3. Sounds like a really interesting tour. I am not sure I could do that tour with a straight face. I think my mouth would be open most of the time. How the heck do you carry a conversation on with two nude women?

    1. By treating them as people, not objects.

    2. They were very serious about their work. I'm sure they are used to "tourists". We just replied like you would anyone. Haven't you ever talked to anyone with purple hair and piercings in strange places, same thing.

  4. There are a lot of fun places to visit for sure.


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