Friday, April 28, 2017

Closed, Closed, Closed

Klamath Falls, Oregon
Oregon 8 Motel and RV Park

Bill's dentist appointment wasn't until 3:30 so we had time to visit a museum before the dentist.  

I thought the Baldwin Hotel Museum sounded a little different.  The Hotel wasn't difficult to find.  I was surprised when Bill found a parking space right in front of the door.

There was a reason we found that parking space.
How can a museum close for the season?  

Our next stop was the Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon Information office.  

Fort Klamath Museum sounded like something Bill would really enjoy.  Anything that operated in 1863 is going to be right up his alley.  Well it might if we ever come back to this area.  It is open June through September.

The Collier State Park Logging Museum was nearby but I wanted to check the hours before I got too excited about seeing it.  We were closer on this one as it opens May 1-September 30.  

Needless to say we didn't go to a museum today.  I did manage to get one photo of the many murals we passed in this town.

The good news, when we walked into the dentist office 20 minutes early they took Bill right back.  He didn't have to fill out any new paperwork.  The estimate was the exact estimate that the Casa Grande office gave us.  Bill was pleased with his treatment.

Tomorrow we will be staying in La Pine where Bill's cousin lives.  We haven't seen Ken and his wife Phyllis in a long time and we're looking forward to seeing them.  

Turtle Slowly........


  1. Ha ha sorry. Oregon is like that. Laid way back.

    1. Yes, and I can't wait to leave the state.

  2. Welcome to Oregon. Sorry about the closures. Wish you were in my neck of the woods would love to say hi.
    Safe travels

    1. Wish we were nearer you. I still remember meeting you at the first Blogger Fest when I had the broken heel and was on the scooter.

  3. Off season as you head north, Most Campgrounds here don't even open until May 1st and so much more.

  4. We stayed at Collier a few years ago. The museum is very neat. Travel safe!!

    1. I thought it would be different. Glad someone was able to see it.


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