Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Yuba City, California
Yuba Sutter Fairground

It was cloudy and cooler this morning but it didn't put a damper on the rally.  I'm so surprised with the weather forecast that we haven't had any rain while here.

We were out the door by 8 am for the coffee and donuts.  I wanted to attend Jim Koca's seminar so we hopped in the truck to get a few items at Walmart so we'd be back in time for the seminar.  

Bill wanted to top off the diesel in the truck.  After seeing the California prices for diesel in Needles, we were pleasantly surprised to see diesel for $2.75.  

Here's Susie and Bud with their golden retrievers, Khaki and Zoey.  

Jim gave an excellent seminar on Boon Docking.  

We walked over to see the dogs in the pet parade.  

Considering all the dogs that we've seen here, not very many attended the pet parade.

At announcements last night we were told that we couldn't go into Franklin Hall until 5 pm for the closing ceremonies.

There were lots of people waiting for the doors to open.

Everyone was wearing their fruits and nuts themed outfits.

The feathers on this hat lit up.

This lady in the black hat even had fruits on her dress.

Then the crowd parted as the golf cart delivered the "voice of the WARE" and the King and Queen.

They were driven into the hall and up to their throne.

They drew the winning tickets for the rest of the door prizes.

These gift baskets were huge and took two people to carry them.

The Voice.

This woman next to us won a nice rolling cooler.

Don and Sharon had deposited their ticket for the outdoor fireplace as they really wanted one.  

Guess what they won?  

These were just some of the volunteers that helped with the rally.

Sandy Bush received these beautiful flowers.

We all enjoyed our catered dinner.

I can't ever remember having such a wonderful catered meal.
Susie didn't realize that the white sauce was horseradish for the tri tip.

Do you think Bud is having a good time?

After the meal all the tables were put away as we had entertainment.

Here's all the decorations that were made for the tables.

There was a singer/songwriter from North Carolina who has won some awards.

Our "voice of the Ware" performed with Bradon.  Carol reminds me so much of one of our MOC friends, Vicki Allen.  I'm sure they have to be related.
The best part of the entertainment was the comedian.  He had us laughing so hard.  I wish I could remember all the things he said.  

After the entertainment, we said our "see ya's" in case we don't see anyone in the morning before everyone departs.  

We've attended a lot of rallies, but this one is one of the best.  I'm sure we'll be back.

Turtle Safely.........


  1. Another busy rally you enjoyed, now back on the road again, travel safe.

  2. I love the theme fruits and nuts. So much can be done with that.
    What wonderful door prizes.

    1. I've never been to a rally where they decorated so well.


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