Sunday, May 14, 2017

Banff, Jasper and the Icefield Parkway

Hinton, Alberta
Gateway RV Park

It was another beautiful morning with blue skies and no wind.  We left Calgary close to 10 am and headed to Banff.

I'm not sure what the fence posts made out of oars were representing. 

We didn't know what to expect as we saw Banff ahead of us.

Bill and I have toured many places but I can't remember any more beautiful than what we saw today.

All of these photos were taken through the windshield.

They give the animals a nice bridge to cross the road.

We took the Icefield Parkway and that isn't cotton piled up on the side of the road.  I hope all of our friends still in Arizona appreciate sending you these "cooling photos".

I took so many photos, it was hard to pick out a couple.

Did you notice how empty the roads were?

We stopped at one pullout for a break.  Don't Harry and Carlena look like newly weds?

It looked colder than it felt, but having the sun out and no wind helped.  Notice no jackets?

Bill was having a cold beverage, but he didn't share with Harry.

Even Boo got into a group photo.

I was hoping the footprints in this frozen lake would show up in this photo.

This is the first time we've had this coach in the cold weather.

Every turn there was something to ooh and aah at.

Pictures just can't seem to show all the beauty we saw.

There was a short wait while they were paving the road.

While we were waiting for the pilot car, these bicyclists rode by, waving at us.

Our first glacier of the Alaska 2017 trip.  

This glass observation deck was full of people

Even more people were in line.  We were wondering why so many buses were parked by the glacier.  There wasn't any parking here.

It was a long drive and in hindsight, we should have stopped more often.  

As we came into Hinton, I called the KOA but all I got was a busy signal.  The directory said they were open May 1.  As we entered the park and came to the one lane bridge, we saw the bridge barricaded and the closed sign.  Had to back up and turn around on the one lane road.  

We got the last two 30 amp sites at Gateway RV. 

It isn't much but filled up with road construction workers. Notice Bill still isn't wearing a coat.  

Somehow on the rough roads, we lost our sewer gate valve so we stopped in Walmart to see if they had one.  Canadian Tire had just closed so we'll try them tomorrow.  

Carlena and Harry went with us to Smitty's Restaurant for dinner.  Bill ordered a poutine.  I'm sure those who have been to Nova Scotia know what it is.  It was delicious, but all of us were happy with our selections.    

I have the app on my cell phone which converts US money to Canadian.  We were more than pleased with our $20 meal.  

Turtle Safely.........  


  1. The scenery there is amazing, toured around thee many years ago, soon time to go back.
    You American dollar goes a lot further here in Canada that for sure. Keep having fun.

    1. I'm so glad we had beautiful weather, it's wouldn't have been the same if it was raining.

  2. I love those animal bridges. They make it so much safer for the animals and us drivers. That glacier that was so crowded was probably the Athabaskan glacier. We stopped there and took the bus tour that takes you out to actually walk on the glacier. It was such an awesome experience and we highly recommend it. Sorry it was so crowded and no place to park. I think you would have enjoyed it.

  3. I just knew you would love it. Around every turn is another fabulous view. It only gets better the further up you go!!!

  4. Love that area with all those mountains. We were there in June 2012 and it snowed.

  5. I am just getting caught up on your travels. We LOVED Banff but we were there in August and didn't see the snow you did. The snow makes it even more gorgeous!!


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