Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Buns, Buns, and Desert--Yes I Spelled it Correctly.

Carcross, Yukon Territory
Montana Service and RV Park

It's a good thing we didn't have far to go today, because we really crammed a lot into it.

Since Carol Hill took the last of the cinnamon buns yesterday as they traveled through Teslin, we had to get up early to get our own.

Harry and Carlena opted for one cinnamon bun and a chocolate brownie.

We were ready to hitch onto the truck before we picked up the cinnamon buns.

It didn't take us long to devour those buns and we were still on the road by 8:30.

A short distance down the road I saw this sign I had Bill turn in and Carlena and I ran into the store.

Someone has to be the judge and we decided we'd make the sacrifice. Members of the Loosey Goosey gang have not agreed on who has the best buns.  Some say Johnsons Crossing and some say the Yukon in Teslin.  Based on the taste test Bill and I both agreed Johnsons Crossing are the best.

Check out Carlena's blog to see how they voted.

We had about 10 kilometers of construction on our short trip to Carcross.

Today we got off the Alaska Highway and turned off onto highway 8 at Jake's Corner.  I had to take a photo of these three street lights as it is something you don't see here.

We had some spectacular scenery as we turned onto the Klondike Highway.  

Our GPS took us to this scenic overlook which was suppose to be a RV park.  No problem we made a U-turn on the highway and went back about 5 miles to a park.

The name of this park is Montana Service and RV park.  It's a combination RV park, laundromat, fuel stop, car wash, grocery and restaurant.  Cost converted to US dollars was $24.12.  Full hook-ups with free WIFI.

Once we were unhitched we rode into the small town.  

The Visitor's center was nice, but a short step down in service and knowledge from the others we have visited.

It is probably the most touristy place we've been.  Of course the cruise lines have tours to this town.

I thought Harry should pose for a photo with a train.

The bright colors on the totem poles and front of the buildings really showed against the clouds.  It was partly sunny today but at least it was dry.

It was windy for a short period, but it did seem a lot cooler.  Especially when you are wearing shorts.

We toured the McBride Museum of Yukon History which was free and didn't even have a donation jar.  Carcross is where the Chilkoot Trail is located.  

This ship was built in Carcross in 1917 and sailed until the 1950's when it burned.

You can tell what a fine ship it must have been.

This town believes in history.

We took the walking tour of the town to see the old historical buildings.  The visitor center gave us a booklet of all the history surrounding the buildings.

I loved the matching green birdhouse on the roof of this building.

When Carlena and I found out that the Matthew Watson General Store was the longest operating store in the Yukon Territories, we decided to make some history.  

Someone has to do it, so I added to their economy.

Being from Arizona we had to check out the World's Smallest Desert.  The winds were blowing like they do in Arizona.

It was truly amazing. I wonder what it looks like in the winter.

We decided to check out the tourist trap Caribou Crossing. You know it's a tourist trap when the whole place is full of buses from the cruise ships.

There were some animals in pens.

The sled dog puppies were "dog tired" Carlena said.

These sled dogs were waiting for the tourists to take them for a sled ride on wheels.  

My thoughts exactly.

Luckily we haven't had any problems with mosquitoes, I hope the stories we've heard have all been stories.  

Here's a photo of horny Bill.

Bill decided he likes our Mr. Big Buddy heater better than what was in this cabin.

After we returned to the RV park, we decided to stay an additional day.  There's a lot to see and do in this area.  I think we are getting used to the long days.  When I looked out the bedroom window this morning at 3:30 am the sun was starting to come up.  I think we're learning to go to bed with the sun up.  

Here's the view from our living room, looking out the window.

Turtle Safely.........


  1. We stayed in the same park. There's a little bakery in Carcross with excellent buns. I do like a good buns!!!

    If in Skagway, you can take the steam train back up to Carcross.

  2. Love a good fresh cinnamon bun, they just melt in your mouth. Hope you don't see any of those huge mosquitoes in real life.

  3. I am really enjoying seeing all the totem poles. When Paul did chain sawing carvings, he carved a totem pole. He did a really good job.
    Horny Bill is a hoot.

  4. Finding a desert that far north must have been a shock. I know reading about it surprised me. I also remember the winds we were getting in the Arizona desert and lately it feels like they followed us Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Hey guys, really glad to see your having such a great time. I don't want to sound like a critic, but having spent 5 days and nights hiking 38 miles and sleeping on the ground the Chilkoot trail begins in Dyea, and ends at Bennett Lake.

  6. Jan, don't worry. The mosquitoes are all alive and waiting for you in Alaska!

  7. animals are so sweeeet! i'm melting


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