Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Glad the Camera Wasn't On

Grand Prairie, Alberta
Camp Tamarack RV Park

Yesterday all four of us said we'd be ready to leave at 9:30.  Bill pulled out of the park at precisely 9:30.  The weather was cloudy but we thought the sun would come out soon. 

We took highway 40 north and found it to be rather bumpy in some areas.  We did see our first frost heaves, but not many.  We also had a little snow flurries.

The rain would come down very lightly and you'd turn the wipers on, then off.  I watched the temperature and it went down to 35 degrees.

I must say I failed at seeing any real wild life.  Harry and Carlena saw a bear, but I missed it.  I did see a dead moose on the side of the road.  

We stopped at the information center in Grande Cache.  Notice the coaches seem to be pretty clean.

The information center had a very nice display of animal skins.  Bill looked at the price tag of a timber wolf skin which was $700.

I was amazed at how much they had on display.

Bill liked the correctional display.

This canoe was built in 1920.

This Tipi was made by the The Rocky Mountain Cree.  The earlier ones were made with hides instead of the canvas on this one.

The information center also had an outdoor display.

This Tipi was very old.

This dug out canoe was used on the Smoky river in 1914 and the fee to use it was $10.

Some old buildings had been moved to the exhibit.

We ate some lunch and thought the weather looked like it was clearing.  Every once in a while we saw the sun.

As we went up and down and around the mountains, we did see a sign that said the next fuel was 184 kilometers.  Thank goodness we have an auxiliary fuel tank. 

There was a lot of logging in the area.  The trucks went back off the pavement and all I saw was mud.

There was a power plant with a coal mine right next to it.  The coal went down the chute directly to the plant.

Besides the coal, and logging trucks now we are in an area where they are fracking for gas, I think.

All these trucks were entering the road covered in mud.  Now the rain started spitting.  Not enough to wash the mud away.  

It rained the last 30 kilometers to Grand Prairie.  When we went in to register at the RV park, a fellow looked at our rigs and said "I see you were on highway 40."

I've never seen Harry's truck with the mud trim before.

Now comes the part that I'm glad a camera wasn't nearby.

It's hard to see, but under the bedroom slide the basement door is open.  I thought I'd help and picked up that black box.  I bent down and turned around to put it away and hit my nose on the edge of that door.  I hit it so hard, it knocked me backward and flat in the mud.  Bill seems to think it's turning black and blue.  We'll see tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Oh no!!!! Ouch!!! Don't worry about the mud. There's lots more to pick up along the way. Lol

  2. I have to agree with Nancy, You don't really have much mud yet.

  3. I bet that really hurts. Kind of like when I cracked my head open on the slide out in New York.

  4. Ouch not too much fun. Lots more mud to see along the way.

    1. Are you saying we shouldn't waste our money on a car wash?

  5. Hope the bump is ok. There are many RV wash place along the way. We did not like to leave the mud on our rig because we were told the stuff they put on the roads can be corrosive.

  6. Oh, I am laughing! Not because you are hurting, but because that is soooooo like the thing I do!


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