Saturday, May 27, 2017

Laird Hot Springs

Laird Hot Springs, British Columbia
Laird Hot Springs Provincial Park
May 22, 2017

Last night we all decided 9 am would be a good departure time. I think we must have all been anxious to see what awaits us down the road as we were ready to leave around 8.

We had 197 miles to Laird Hot Spring Provincial Park. I should have had a pencil and paper out to keep count of the animals. There were three bear sightings—2 black bears and a grizzly. Some places it wasn't safe to stop or we'd already passed them. We were surprised to see a beaver standing up along side the road. There were many dali sheep and caribou and mountain goats.

I wish we would have stayed at Muncho Lake.  It was gorgeous.

Notice the blue skies and shorts?

We'd seen signs of bison scat alongside the roadway. I was really getting anxious to spot some bison but we only had 8 kilometers until we arrived at the hot springs. Finally over the next rise, there they were.

When we pulled into the park we were told to find a site and come back and pay for it. The first thing we saw when we pulled in was Carol and Dennis Hill.

Here's the site map and we found site 8 open and Harry and Carlena took site 51. Mark Nemeth was in #6 and Dennis and Carol were in #7. The path to the hot springs was by #4. 

After we got set up we decided to walk down and see what all the talk about the Hot Springs was all about. Mark Nemeth was just coming back and asked why we weren't wearing our swimsuits.

We walked over to check it out.  There's a boardwalk through the swamp which is about a quarter mile long. Once we got to the Hot Springs, Carlena and I left the guys there and decided to head back and get our swimsuits.

We got in about the middle steps and found the water perfect. The further you went the hotter the water was. It didn't take much persuasion to get the guys to try it. The bottom was small pebbles that were hard on the guy's feet. There were benches underwater to sit on. We've experienced the spas at Thermopolis but I think these were so much better.

This park has no electric or water. There are very nice picnic tables. You can come into the park on a day pass to visit the springs for a fee.

After we had dinner, we visited with Dennis, Carol and Mark. Other Loosey Goosey members stopped by. I think there are four other rigs coming in tomorrow. 

Notice Dennis checking out the menu from the Chicken Ranch.

Here's some wildlife photos.  Click on them to enlarge them.

One thing I'd like to mention about the BC Provincial Parks is that they have generator hours from 9 am to 11 am and 6 pm to 8 pm.  They also only take cash.  They will take US dollars but without an exchange rate.

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Looks like a wonderful park. I love the idea of seeing all the wildlife. Enjoy the hot springs. That is one thing we have never done.

  2. Your "i's" are playing tricks on you! We really enjoyed Liard Hot Springs (note where the "i" is) and the dall (note no "i") sheep too.

    Glad you all got sites near each other and can spend time just visiting. I know there will be more fun times when the others arrive. We're enjoying your blogs and pictures, almost as good as being there.


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