Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Loosey Goosey Gang is Meeting Up

Butte, Montana
2 Bar Lazy R RV Park

I didn't blog yesterday as we didn't do anything.  Not that there wasn't a lot to do in Missoula, but you have to wait until Memorial Day.  None of the museums or forts are open until Memorial Day or June 1.

One thing I needed was a haircut.  Why is that such a horrible problem?  When I walked out from my shearing, Bill suggested we go someplace else to see if they could fix it.  Needless to say, I wasn't happy with the haircut.

We woke up to beautiful sunny skies and shorts weather.  Well shorts for me, and a sweatshirt for Bill.  You know how perfect the weather was, since I drove today.  

We've stayed at this overpriced park before and had trouble leveling.  Nothing changed, when we hit the auto level button it raised the wheels off the ground on one side. We ended up hitching on and moving the coach ahead a little.

As soon as we were set up Bill got out the hose to clean the truck.  
Look who just pulled into the driveway.

We weren't assigned sites, so we picked one that had a vacant site on either side.  

Boo jumped right out of the truck to great us.

Harry might not have a ten gallon hat but he has a five gallon stool.

Harry got a phone call that his hub cap center was in at the Ford dealer.  Since none of us had lunch, we decided to go out for an early dinner after we picked up the part.  

Lucky for Carlena and I that the Mexican restaurant was right by the mall.  There was one store I wanted to check out for long sleeve shirts.  We did a little bargain hunting.  

We all sat outside visiting before it cooled off and went inside.

Mark also emailed us some good news today.  The Icefield Parkway has been cleared of the avalanche. 

Turtle Safely......


  1. Nice to meet up with the gang again catching up and enjoying good times, love the warmer weather too.

  2. Here's hoping it stays warm as we travel north.

  3. Glad your route has been cleared so you don't have to change your travel plans.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Your hair looks fine. Finding a hairdresser is difficult on the road. I am getting pretty good at doing my own. I have always done Doug's.


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