Sunday, May 28, 2017

Oh no, Kathy's is closed

Watson Lake, Yukon
Tempo RV Park

We've heard so much about Kathy's Kitchen I couldn't wait to go try it this morning.  

Unfortunately when Bill, Harry, Carlena and I arrived with our mouths watering, there was a closed sign up. 

We ended up with a choice between a Chinese place and a hotel restaurant.  We choose Andrea's at the hotel.  The food wasn't bad and there was only one waitress.  She did an excellent job of handling all the people.  

After breakfast Harry drove back to the RV park to get Boo. There was a boardwalk/path around Wye Lake.  Walking off all that food sounded like a good idea.

It was such a gorgeous day, you would have thought more people would have been taking advantage of the weather.

Notice Bill in long sleeves and everyone else in summer attire.

The lake is beautiful and it's nice to see that they have the trail around it.

There was a nice community building and a very nice park.
Boo loved all the smells and exploring.  I guess the water wasn't too cold.

We stopped and checked out the times for the Northern Light Centre.

When we returned for the 3 pm showing there were several other vehicles in the parking lot.

Basically it was two 30 minute films shown in a dome auditorium.

We saw it, now we know all about the aurora.  I must say the seats were comfortable for viewing the movie or sleeping.

We learned this the last time we visited Skagway.
It's amazing what those men did just to go to the Klondike.

We're loving the Yukon and the people.  

When we returned Harry showed me what I was doing wrong to get all the channels for the Sirius radio.  

One thing I keep forgetting to mention about this country.  I expected to have dew every morning but it's been as dry as Arizona.

Okay, now I'm all caught up on the blog.  Hopefully, days without cell service will be at a minimum.  

Tomorrow we're pulling the anchor and heading up the road.

Turtle Safely........


  1. Some amazing country you are travelling through and pretty decent weather as well. thanks for getting caught up again.

  2. Sure are bringing back some great memories. Love the hot springs.


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