Friday, May 19, 2017

We Made It!

Dawson Creek, British Columbia 
Mile O RV Campsite

What a great day it was.  The plan was to hitch on to Harry and Carlena's Cougar and take it over to the Visitor Center where his disabled truck was parked.  We decided 8:30 would be good and we could drop it and then go to the parts store to see if the fuel pump had been delivered.  

Carlena talked with the Visitor Center and they were fine with them leaving the fifth wheel there.  They said there was also a sani-dump if we needed it.  These people couldn't have been any nicer or more helpful.

The part was in when we got to the parts store at 9:30.  We took Harry and Carlena back to the Visitor's Center and we went back to the RV park to hitch onto our fiver.  

A hour later when we were pulling into the Visitor's Center, Harry was just hitching to his coach.  There were a lot of smiling faces.

We pulled out of the Visitor's Center and headed to Dawson Creek.

You couldn't ask for a prettier day and a great road.  There was some winds, but nothing too bad.

My animal sightings haven't been too great, but I did get a photo of this large Beaver.  

I'm sure everyone that travels this way has a photo of this spot.

Here's the four of us with Boo as the center attraction.

The Surveyor is pointing his finger northwest.  A local artist, Karl Mattson used scrap metal to depict the 1940's era.

This visitor center was wonderful.  The girls there gave us so much information.  The guides they gave us showed where we can get diesel and also the distance was shown in kilometers and miles.  

They even called an RV park for us to see if they had a vacancy.  After being told that there wasn't any RV sites in Grande Prairie we were wondering if we would be staying in Walmart.  We noticed very few rigs in any of the parks we passed and this one was no exception.  

There are always those people who make reservations, this is their holiday weekend with perfect weather.

We took both trucks to a car wash.  It wasn't a great job, but at least you can touch it without getting covered in the dirt.

The RV Park recommended the Alcan Restaurant for dinner.  I ordered the Poutine and it was very good.  We noticed some nice murals downtown.

It's a different feeling around this park.  Everyone seems so excited that they reached Milepost 0.  They all said now they are going to take their time.  It was a long way getting here, but much longer to Alaska.  Everyone is outside enjoying the great weather.

The Walter Wright Pioneer Village is here so we walked over to see it.  Guess what?  It's not open until Tuesday as they are replacing the boardwalks.  Here's what the outside looked like.

While the truck is a little cleaner, the Montana is still dirty.

Turtle Safely..........


  1. Bill and Jan. You will probably have "Loosey Goosey" in your windows forever. We put a small lead face in the mud on a side window of our car when we were up there. It was still there after we washed the car and was there Matilda we sold it.

    1. Maybe I better try and clean it off.

  2. Spell check got me. I typed smiley face not small lead face.

  3. I am enjoying taking our trip all over again with you! It was 11 years ago but seems more recent for sure!

    1. I am sure it hasn't changed since then.

  4. Just found this companion blog to Harry & Carlina's blog. I will be following your adventures!

  5. Are you following our schedule? We were there on May 19. 2014:)

  6. I don't blame you for being excited. You are on a fantastic adventure and glad you can share it with us.

  7. Too bad the Pioneer Village was closed. It's an awesome spot to check out. Don't worry, there are many more along the way. Stop at all of them if you can. Very interesting info about the early days and building the highway. And don't worry about the dirt ... four years and I'm STILL cleaning it off my rig. The good news is that it makes for good insulation underneath!! LOL

    1. It's like glue. Not just dirt but oily goo.

  8. Glad everything worked out for Harry and Carlena and you are all slowly making your way up to Alaska.
    I now have their Blob on our Sidebar.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. Now the real adventure begins. What a ride y'all are going to have. Enjoy!


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