Sunday, June 4, 2017

One Great, One Good, One Not So Good

Whitehorse, Yukon Territories
Pioneer RV Park
Another great day!  We started the day with Harry doing the driving again with the first stop the McBride Museum.  We’ve been to a lot of museums but this was one of the best we all agreed.

DSCN9325There was three sections to the museum, one about the Klondike early days, then a section on Yukon wild animals and the third section on the building of the Alaska Highway.  They are actually enlarging the museum so if you go in the future it will be even larger.

DSCN9314I think all us agreed that the Klondike section was the best.  Not just all the artifacts but the way they were displayed. 

The docent came by and asked if we had any questions.  I asked what this was--

He said he didn’t know so he took a picture and asked someone else.  The response was they didn’t know, but would appreciate anyone letting them know what it was.  It looks like a heater of some kind along the long cylinder thing on the backside.  If you know, let me know and I’ll forward the information to the museum.

DSCN9330It was interesting to see all the animals that can be found in the Yukon.

I never noticed the “ear muffs” that a Lynx has.  Those are some big feet.


No matter how much you see about the building of the Alcan, it’s still remarkable that this could be done this quickly in this kind of wilderness.  I don’t think today’s workers could come near doing this today. 
Harry’s showing Carlena how they pumped fuel in those days.


Carlena sat in this rocking chair in the gift shop and said she liked it.  When she found out it was $13,000 she immediately hopped out of it. 
The Fish Ladder wasn’t far away so we stopped to see what it was all about.  Bill and I saw one once when we did the Columbia River tour but this was entirely different.  This one is the World’s Largest wooden fish ladder.  There were tanks in the building where you could watch them.  The docent told us they just opened them up and the fish didn’t seem to know it yet. 

DSCN9350The people of Whitehorse were asked to paint/decorate these fish in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the dam.

I thought this fact was interesting.

DSCN9362After the fish ladder we headed up the road a little ways to Copperfield Railway and Mining Museum.  Okay I have to take the credit on this one.  I really thought with Harry’s background with the railroad, he’d really like it.  Maybe if he had been 3 or 4 years old, he would have had more fun.

The only good thing about  Copperfield Railway and Mining Museum was it only cost us $4.00 and we saw a bald eagle.  There was a very small room with a mining tent displayed.  The train wasn’t exactly how I had it pictured.  I can see now why we didn’t have to wait for a scheduled time of departure.  The kid went out and fired up the “locomotive”.  He made sure we had a chain across our seats so we wouldn’t fall out.  There were speakers in the cars but nothing was playing.  He drove the train past a  lean to but nothing was said about it.  We all had a good laugh about that experience.  At least we got our Yukon passport book stamped. 
Harry stopped at Mark’s as they didn’t get a chance to go in when we were in Hinton.  Carlena has been looking for flannel sheets and we thought they might have them.  Canadian Tire was next door so we checked it out also

We stopped at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre and there was no one at the front desk.  We walked around trying to find someone and we found a lady in the back of the building who ended up stamping our passports as she couldn’t find the lady that takes the admission fees.
DSCN9374Do you like their “Elder/Senior” parking right by the door?  Harry parked in the next row.  Do you think he was trying to tell us something?

DSCN9376The other day we saw a deli that looked interesting and decided to go back to it for a late lunch/dinner.  What a find it was.  Bill and I had the workmen’s special which was sauerkraut, choice of two sausages, choice of salad and a drink for $9.50.  I picked smoked elk and bison, Bill took the smoked elk and Bavarian for his sausage.  We both had a big bowl of a delicious Greek salad.  Harry and Carlena had soup and a sandwich.  I wish I would have picked up some of the meats or cheese before we left for another day. 

How can you not like a town that has signs like this?
Another wonderful day and we haven’t even arrived in Alaska yet.

Turtle Safely…….


  1. $13,000 for a rocking chair. Good grief.
    Those fish are wonderful.
    In all our travels years, I have never saw a sign like that. What if you had a motorhome?

  2. Whitehorse is an interesting town. Glad you found fun places to see, but it's no surprise that not everything is of the same quality. I remember that 5th wheel parking sign - a curiosity for only 5th wheels, not trailers or motorhomes?


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