Sunday, June 4, 2017

True Meaning to the Phrase--Right Time and Right Place

Haines Junction, Yukon Territories
Fas Gas RV Park

While it was cool enough to turn the heater on in the truck this morning, it was another beautiful day.  

First thing we saw was our first deer since we've been in Canada.  We've seen so many other animals it seemed strange when this one ran across the road in front of us.

Harry and Carlena lent us an audio book and we were really into it today.  Maybe that is why, by the time we saw the bear with three cubs, we were already past it without a photo.  Check out Carlena's blog, I'm sure she will post it.

Other than about 14 km of gravel the road wasn't too bad.  We did encounter a couple of frost heaves, but no problem if you are careful of your speed.

If you are traveling too fast, you'll miss seeing a herd of wild horses, like this one.  

I kept telling Bill I could see scat alongside the road, and knew they weren't far away.

We stopped in Otter Creek to stretch our legs and have a bathroom break.

When we pulled into Haines Junction at the Fas Gas RV park, we were told to pick out a site and then come back and register.  

We have a pull thru site with full hook ups, but we're just using water and 30 amp electric.  The rate is $33 with a credit card or $27 Canadian.  Once converted, the $27 becomes $19.67 US money.

The lady at the office told us to hurry and go across the street because there was a dance festival and free food. Needless to say, it didn't take us long to get there.

We took our passports to get the Information Centre and the Da Ku Cultural Centre stamped in our books.
When we entered the building it was packed with people enjoying the day.  There was no entrance fee.  

People would stop Bill and ask if he was visiting then they would tell him what's going on.  Do you think his Route 66 shirt and his Oregon Trail hat gave him away as a tourist?
The food was great and it was lunch time.  They had potato bacon soup and all kinds of different sandwiches.  There was fruit platters and fresh fruit along with desserts.  Drinks included, coffee, tea, lemonade, hot chocolate and water.  

The tables were all full so we sat in chairs and ate.

The building was beautiful and the indoor stage had a ceiling to floor window that looked out at the mountains. 

There were big tents outside, that they must have held events in yesterday.  Today was the last day of the festival.

The people were warm and welcoming.  This mother had a live wire on her lap. This boy wasn't 3 yet, but he had some energy.

Her daughter posed for a photo of her moccasins. 


This women was making mocassins.  She does all the work and beading.  She showed us how she sews the fur onto them.  No machines, all hand stitching. Reasonably priced considering all the hours of work that goes into one.

I saw this chicken like the one Harry bought us that is on our antenna.  I thought maybe he was playing a joke and checked to make sure ours was still on the truck. It's had a lot of comments from people who notice them.

Here's the views from our seats for the dancing.

The dancing lasted all afternoon.  Their regalia was interesting. 

The dancers were from all over the Yukon.

The dancers ranged in all ages but the tiny kids were great.

They did one dance after another.  They interpreted what each dance meant in their native language and then in English. 

The audience was invited to get up and dance.  Harry and Carlena didn't tell us they could do the native dances.  

The neat thing about the dances was that the mountains reflected on the windows in the background.

Here's that toddler dancing and he even had a drum that he played.  

Look at the reflection on that window.  

I'm not sure how long we were there but they were talking about the volunteer dinner which is held out at the lake that may be late starting at 6 pm.  

We just love finding an unexpected treasure like this.  

Turtle Safely.............


  1. What a wonderful surprise to watch the native celebrations.

  2. Nice post, love all the cultural things along the way.

    1. It was so nice that they explained so much about their culture.

  3. It's nice to visit areas that embrace the native ways of life.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. what a super day you encountered...


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