Monday, July 10, 2017

Long, Long, Day

Whitehorse, Yukon
Pioneer RV Park

When we left Beaver Creek this morning, our plan was to stop at Destruction Bay for the night.  We left around 10 am with cloudy skies and a very light rain.  

I drove to Destruction Bay and it was still early so we decided we'd drive to Haines Junction. I handed the wheel back to Bill.  The next thing I knew we decided to drive to Whitehorse.  We've been over these roads before and with the dreary skies it wasn't as pretty.

While the weather wasn't pretty, the wildlife was much better.  We saw the biggest grizzly since we've been on this trip.  The wild horses were still along side the road.  We had a fox (I think) run across the road in front of us.

I'm glad that Harry and Carlena witnessed the road conditions when we went up the Alcan/Alaska Highway because I couldn't believe it was the same road.  Today there was construction everywhere. Gravel roads were the norm compared to our earlier trip.

You'd see a sign which said next 20 km construction, no sooner would you be out of it before you came to another sign that might say 14 km of construction.  I think if I was heading to Alaska, I'd want to turn around and forget it.

Here in the Yukon they do things differently than the lower 48.  They park an ambulance at road construction areas.

I finally had a chance to wear my Frog Toggs for the first time since we've been gone.

We pulled into Pioneer RV park about 5 pm.  We were tired and cold.  The temperature was 46 degrees.

I heard someone knock at the door, and it was Roger.  He went to go get Sharon.  When he left I said to Bill, shucks, she didn't know we'd be here, so she probably didn't bake any bread. 

A short time later they came back carrying a loaf of her fresh made bread.  Many years ago, when we met them in Billings, MT, she gave us a loaf of bread. She's been doing it ever since.  I'm glad her record is intact.  

The electric here is terrible, and we are on the end of the row.  

Turtle Safely..........  


  1. Those roads sure bring back memories. Huge potholes and frost heaves heading north and mile of gravel and constructions heading south. Travel safe.

  2. Summertime is the only time they can work on the roads, which of course is when we all go there to visit!! I couldn't get enough of the wildlife along the roadsides, especially the wild horses!! Homemade bread makes everything better!!

  3. Sorry you had to endure rain and construction for a long, tiring day. Hope tomorrow's weather is better. And don't expect this Sharon to bake any bread for you next time I see you!


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