Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Loosey Goosey Meet Up--blog 2

Anderson, Alaska
River Side RV Park 

Here's a blog I tried to do when we didn't have internet.

We left Cantwell and drove over to Anderson to meet up with the rest of the Loosey Goosey gang.  The town has a population of less than 600 but has an airport.  We passed the combination city hall/post office/DMV building.  Bill just stopped in the middle of the road while I went to the post office to pick up our mail.  There was a lady working in the flower beds and asked if she could help me.  I told her I needed to pick up some mail.  She said to come back at 1:00 when the post office opened.  
We pulled into the electric only site of the city RV park.  Nearly everyone else was there except for a couple of rigs.  After we were set up we went back to get our mail.  It seems the lady out front was the post master.  

Carol had mentioned that the shower house needed toilet paper so I mentioned it to the postmaster.  She said no problem, I’ll send someone down right away.

We had passed a RV park with a gift shop about 15 miles away and I wanted to go and see if they had a loaf of bread.  When we went back to the gift shop, they had no groceries.  The girl said you need to drive over 100 miles for a grocery store, but we could try Nenana and see if the general store had bread. which would have been 35 miles away.  I thought I could live without bread for the next few days.

Mark Nemeth and Ed Kurty were fixing fish for dinner for everyone.  There were three different kinds of fish which was better than any I’ve ever had before.  It was a great dinner followed by Tammi singing and playing the guitar.  It was too warm for a campfire, but so far no mosquitoes.  I heard that there were mosquitoes down by the trees.  We haven’t walked down by the river yet, but I imagine we might encounter some there.

Another morning we had eggs in the bag.  Always a great way to have a group breakfast.  

Everyone seemed to just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

This afternoon we drove to Nenana to see if we could find some bread.  We stopped at the Visitor’s Center and entered the Nenana Ice Classic.  “This year is the 102nd year Alaskans will watch for the exact minute of breakup on the Tanana River at Nenana.”  It cost us $2.50 for a guess.  Last year the winner’s shared $267.44 in prize money.

“The tripod is planted two feet into the Tanana River ice between the highway bridge at Nenana, just upriver from the Nenana River tributary.  It is 300 feet from and connected to a clock that stops as the ice goes out.”

We stopped in the General Store and they had bread.  I bought a dozen eggs for $4.99.  At least that wasn’t as bad as the $6.50 I paid in Cantwell for a half gallon of milk. 

There was a neat free museum at the Railroad depot.  It was nice having Harry as a docent as he knew everything about the old railroad artifacts.

There is no cell phone service or internet in the area so I tried to write this in Live Writer.  

Here's some photos from the Loosey Goosey meet.

Sue is ready for mosquitoes.

One night we went to the Clear Lake Lodge for dinner.
They do make the best steaks here.

I was happy to hear that Linda and Jim will be coming to Winter Blast.
Another Montana owner.


  1. Such a cool area. How fun to meet up with such a large group. I am assuming this is one spot your had planned and reserved?
    Did you take the bus trip to Denali National Park and Preserve and I missed it?

    1. No reservations, we just all met up there.

    2. Did you take the bus trip to Denali and I missed it?

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