Sunday, July 9, 2017

We Went Right

Beaver Creek, Yukon
Fas Gas RV Park

We still weren't sure which way we were going this morning. Bill and I both said it didn't matter if we went to the Top of the World or not.  We left it up to Harry and Carlena to decide.  

Originally we were going to drive to Chicken and stay overnight and then take the Top of the World Highway on Monday.  When Harry looked at the weather forecast it said rain on Monday and Tuesday.  Harry showed us what the current road conditions looked like on the highway.  He said he didn't want to drive over it and that was good enough for us.

Instead we headed out this morning for the Canadian border.  I drove today to give Bill a break.  Of course the section from Beaver Creek to Tok was the worst we encountered along the Alcan.  It was bad, but if you slow down you can get through the frost heaves. 

There's no looking for wildlife because you find yourself staring at the road conditions.  

As we approached the border, I remembered that I had some fruit with us.  Lucky for us, we didn't get asked much more than how long we planned to be in Canada and where did we plan to cross the border.  

I pulled the rig into the Fas Gas in Beaver Creek and went in to register.  I was told we could park anywhere except 1-12.  We just opted for water and electric.  

Harry and I walked over to pick out our sites.  He stood in front of one site and I went back to get the rig.  Carlena was standing by the fifth wheels and I said we could bring the rigs over to where Harry is standing.  She said she'd follow me.  She's never towed the rig before.  

I had Bill jump out and get a photo of this memorable event.

I pulled in the first site and she pulled in perfectly in the next site.

Harry decided if she came into the site backwards, we'd have the doors facing each other.  Carlena went down the row and came back from the opposite direction and parked it perfectly.  

Not bad for the first time towing and she was in the truck all by herself.

Harry took out his smoker and put on a steak.  Carlena and I fixed some sides dishes and we enjoyed dinner outside.  The steak was delicious and Harry even baked cookies in the smoker.

It was excellent and a pleasant evening.  We've been so busy during this Alaska adventure that we haven't taken the time to enjoy the simpler things.

There was a stray dog running around that was very thin.  Harry gave him some treats, but only if Harry threw them on the ground.  I managed to get the dog to eat out of my hand.  We all agreed, we think a man abused the animal.

Boo was a little jealous until she saw Bill.  

Harry sanded a stick that he found somewhere in our travels.  It really changed the look of it when he applied linseed oil followed by a sealer.  It prettier than all of the walking sticks we've seen in the stores.  

Turtle Safely........ 


  1. Welcome back to Canada enjoy your travels as you keep heading south, travel safe.

    1. Thanks, but I liked the exchange rate better coming through here.

  2. We made the same decision about the Top of the World. Travel safe!!

    1. I thought since Bill is such a history nut he'd like Dawson City, but he really didn't care either way.

  3. Glad you skipped the Top of the World. I've heard many bad stories about the weather and the road to Chicken. Always better safe than sorry!!

    1. We heard that the road to Chicken was worse than the Top of the World.

  4. Too bad you had to skip Chicken and Dawson City. But I agree with your decision on Top of the World - It could be a real mess in rain. We drove it early in the season before it had a chance to deteriorate, then later heard it was in bad shape. Glad to hear Carlena drove the truck pulling the 5th wheel, and even parked it twice - proud of her!

    1. I knew you'd like to hear about her driving, we both think women need to be able to do this. We'll see if she drives today.


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