Monday, August 7, 2017

Another Day in Amana

Amana, Iowa
Amana RV Park

It was another beautiful day so we drove the few miles to check out the other villages in the Colony.  

Bill looks like a midget in that chair.
We've seen large chairs in Idaho, and Amarillo before but not the quality this one has.

The foot stool that goes with the chair is so tall, you have to climb up on it and then get in the chair.

I wish they would have listed the measurements of this rocker.  You wouldn't believe all the details and canning on it.  Thankfully, it was blocked so you couldn't rock in it. 

The rest of the building had a small basket museum.

Handmade brooms were made in this shop. Unfortunately, they weren't making any when we were there.

Next stop was the Amana Heritage Center where we hoped we'd learn about how and why the colony settled in Iowa.  There was a video that we watched that explained the migration from Germany.

The video was played in the old school house.  At first I thought that was all there was to the museum but Bill found a side door and some more buildings.

This building had two floors of displays.  It did explain what happened to the communal way of life.  It seems some of the people learned that if they called in sick and didn't work, they still got all the benefits.  Of course that spread and we all know what happened after that.  

Here's a real honey dipper that they use to clean out the outhouse.

Speaking of outhouses.  This one is located inside the woodshed. Notice the pictures on the wall and maybe that other little box is a magazine rack or maybe it held a Sears and Roebuck catalog that was used for other purposes than reading..

Now that's a lot of wine in a day they drank.

We walked down to the furniture and cabinet shop and watched them through a glass observation area.  After touring the Middlebury Hardwoods plant where they make the cabinets for the Montana Fifth Wheels, these workers need to visit the Middlebury plant to learn how to control sawdust and dirt.

Bill and I enjoyed walking the streets again and seeing the architecture and dates on the buildings.

These cars seemed to belong here.

Tomorrow we're heading down the road.  The site we are in is for another rally so we'd need to move to another if we stay any longer.

Turtle Safely......


  1. Travel safe and keep enjoying the sights.

  2. Interesting, it has been a while since we were there.

  3. Hahaha...Bill looks like a aren't a giant my dear. Lol
    Glad we don't need this honey dippers any more.

  4. Honey dipper? We just dug another hole and moved the outhouse. Much less "stinky"!!! Love the huge chair!!!


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