Sunday, April 15, 2018

No Po Boy Today

Abbeville, Louisiana
Betty's RV Park

Bill and I said our "see ya's" to three different couples this morning.

These people had to leave as three more were coming today.  It's amazing how everyone gets to know everybody in such a short time.

Harry had a leak with yesterday's rain.  We lent him our ladder but couldn't figure out what went wrong with the top piece.

Finally Harry said he felt safer standing on his truck to get to the nose lights.  He found water inside when he took the lens off so hopefully, he found the problem.  Of course, no rain in the forecast to see if it worked.
After all that hard work of watching someone work, the rest of decided that we wanted to go back to Bon Creole for a shrimp Po Boy for lunch.  

One thing in Louisiana is not all restaurants are open on Sunday.  We did check and found out Bon Creole is open from 11- 2 on Sunday.  Everyone climbed into our truck and off we went to New Iberia.  

The parking lot was packed.  We finally got up to the counter and were debating whether to get a whole and split or by two wholes.  The lady at the counter burst our bubble when she announced that there were no po boys on Sunday.  Instead they had barbecue chicken, brisket, or sausage dinners.  I was really disappointed but ordered a brisket dinner while Bill ordered the chicken.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the shrimp po boy I had my heart set on.  The meals included potato salad, beans, dirty rice, and bread with the meat.  Shortly, after we had our order they announced they were out of food.  One person asked how many dinners they sell and she said about 400.  It was still an hour before closing.

We stopped at Walmart and by the time we returned we didn't have long before it was happy hour.  Three more rigs arrived today.  All three have never been to Betty's before.

Bill and I brought our drinks and dish to share over to the open air covered patio.  Betty came out and said it was too cold to sit out there, so everyone went inside to her indoor party room.  It was in the 60's.

One new couple came in and made a comment about spoiling dinner.  No one eats dinner here as there is so much food at happy hour.  That's why lunch is so important to everyone,

Nanc and Jim and someone else brought  cakes from their winnings at the casino last night.

I'm envious of Linda's beautiful wavy hair.

Dodo was celebrating her birthday.  Happy Birthday!

Betty's been calling people at home trying to get us a walking tour of Abbeville scheduled for tomorrow.

Jim and Nanc lived very close to us before our RVing days.

Harry and Carlena always take a great photo.

I had this photo of Betty's grand daughter, Lucette but didn't want to post it unless I had permission.  Isn't she the cutest and smartest?

Turtle Safely..........


  1. So sad about no Po Boy but at least you good not go hungry.
    and had fun at Happy Hour as usual.

  2. Always making new friends at Betty's.


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