Friday, May 31, 2013

Great Basin Highway

Once again we had a very pleasant drive on the Great Basin Highway.  Very little traffic and you can see for miles.  

We climbed all morning and followed another fifth wheel up near Wheeler Peak.  There was snow on the peaks but at 13, 063 you expected to see it.  

We turned west onto Highway 50 AKA The Loneliest Road in America. 

 Conner's Pass elevation was 7,733 feet and there was a double tanker in front of the 5er so needless to say there were a few cars behind us but no one seemed to be in a hurry and still stayed behind us when they could pass.  

The entrance to the Propectors Hotel and  Casino RV Park was very confusing so we went around the block to the right and the other fifth wheel went around to the left.  We finally figured out that the entrance to the hotel was where we needed to go. The sign said park and then come in to register.  The other fifth wheel pulled in next to us. 

We introduced ourselves to our neighbors who are from Mississippi and walked up to register together.  It's $15 a night and we have a pull thru with full hook-ups.  There is a pool and hot tub and when we registered they gave us tickets for free margaritas.  

We drove through town and stopped at the railroad museum. 

 There are murals on lots of buildings.  I was reading about the Cathedral and Stained Glass Museum but couldn't find it.  I'll plug in the address and we'll check it out tomorrow.  

This highway was the original Pony Express route.

Everyone will be surprised to hear that I fixed our tire monitors.  Ever since we got the Mountaineer we've had trouble with the trailer tires working.  I've sent them back and had some replaced.  Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't.  While we were driving on the freeway through Vegas and they had the walls surrounding the freeway the monitors worked.  I remembered we had another booster antenna and thought I'd give it a try.  Immediately, they started working.

I moved the monitor to another location and Fivel doesn't have a place.  Fivel came out west with Bill 20 years ago so he's now going to ride on the GPS beanbag.

A little while ago our neighbor Wanda Morgan came over.  They were doing the Wild West Train ride tomorrow.  It starts at 6 pm and bandits rob the train.  It costs $96 for two to take it.  She brought some beads from New Orleans and some imitation gold pieces to put in her homemade satchel for the train robbery.  She brought over the beads for me and I told her we didn't think we'd go but she said keep the beads anyway.  We talked for a long while about places for her and Jake to see on their journey.  I told her about the Escapee group and hopefully they will join it.  They would fit right in.  

Turtle Safely,


  1. So fun to meet up with more new friends. Way to go with the TPMS. You are really getting good at fixing this stuff woman.

  2. Northern Nevada is beautiful in a stark sort of way... we loved exploring up there...


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