Friday, April 24, 2015

Old Rubber

Sundance RV Resort
Casa Grande, Arizona

John and Karen Knoll drove up from Green Valley for a visit.  I was a little concerned because it clouded up today and there was a slight chance of rain.  You are asking yourself what difference does it make.  Well, John got a motorcycle for his birthday.  I thought for sure, they'd ride it up here to show us.  

When they arrived and I saw their car out front, I said I thought you'd bring the bike.  Karen rolled her eyes back and said "not that far".   Of course we did see pictures and its a beauty.  

I gave John and Gerri Beckman a quick call and they were coming to town, so invited them to join us for lunch.  

After eating that huge lunch yesterday, I said I needed a place with a salad so Karen suggested MiMi's.  John and Gerri were across the street when I called so they waited for us. It was so good seeing everyone and visiting with them.  We haven't seen the Knoll's since December.  The restaurant wasn't crowded and we had an excellent waitress.  It was a long leisure lunch and we didn't have any problem finding something to chat about.  I ordered the Mediterranean salad.  It was huge and I finished every bite.  I did bring the muffin home for later.  
 Karen and John Knoll, John and Gerri Beckman, Bill and Jan

We attempted to solve all of the world problems.  No one has any concrete plans for this summer's travel, but I'm sure if we end up near one or other, we'll figure out a way to spend some time together.  

We all came back to our place and that's where the title of this blog came from "old rubber".  John Beckman started in the door, and Gerri told him to take his shoes off.  Well anyone that knows us, knows we aren't formal and no one needs to remove their shoes.  Gerri followed John picking up little things behind him.  I couldn't figure out what's going on.  As it turns out, John wore an old pair of shoes that Gerri told him not to wear.  They looked like brand new when he was wearing them.  It seems they dry rotted on the soles and the old rubber was coming off in chunks.  John told us we probably have seen the last of those shoes because they were going in the garbage.  

During our visit we got on the subject of our home towns and Bill and John Knoll both came from small Italian towns.
They were talking about all the nicknames every one had.  No one was ever called by their first name.  Bill told John Beckman he'd be known as "Johnny new shoes".  There was a lot of laughter about John and his rubber that I probably shouldn't put in print.  It was definitely a great time.
I almost forgot to mention that John Knoll did a job for us.  We bought LED lights for the kitchen but when Bill brought the ladder out, I couldn't get near it.  There's something about being around ladders that I'm not comfortable with.  John got on the ladder and Bill steadied it for him.  My stomach was a little seasick watching, but I survived.  Maybe I will conquer this thing about ladders soon.  I hope so, but wasn't it nice of John to change the light bulbs.  It only took two people.  Wouldn't our government be surprised?

Turtle Safely......

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Sundance RV Resort
Casa Grande, AZ

The days really slip away quietly and then I have a hard time piecing them back.  

Bill had a followup with the Pain Center doctor after the results of the MRI.  Nothing new with his back other than the therapy is helping and he's decided to stay with that for the time being.  The doctor explained what they found on the MRI regarding the back, and there really wasn't anything new in the back department.  They did find something about an interior and exterior flap on the Aorta and some hemorrhaging.  She wanted us to see the cardiologist right away.  I told her we had an appointment on the 28th, but she suggested we go sooner.  

Bill saw the cardiologist yesterday and we took the MRI and results to him.  The doctor thinks it was probably a bad reading but he was due for his ultrasound so that is scheduled for the 13th and follow up with the doctor 48 hours later.  He had an aortic annuerism  many years ago.  In fact, it was discovered when daughter, Nikki and son in law, Nicky had just returned from the Republic of Georgia with their two adopted children and we were flying to Pittsburgh to see them.  Those kids aren't babies anymore.

Tuesday I saw my orthaepadic doctor for my fractured calcaneous (heel).  He said my movement was good except for the interior but improved from last visit.  I don't have to go back.  He said it's not uncommon to have pain for a year as it will take that long to heal, but after a year, if there is still pain, I need to go back.  I'm still happy with my results as I've been walking three weeks now and it won't be 4 months from the accident until next week.  That's way ahead of the minimum  six months that I was told.  I have a lot of limitations, and still haven't attempted to drive yet but, I'm not complaining. 

The third doctor visit this week was for my eyes.  I was given some more tests, and I will have to follow up whenever we get back in the fall.  Nothing new, yes glaucoma is coming, but so far I'm still on the border.  She was concerned about my optic nerve, but they'll be monitoring it.  

Enough of that old folks talk.  What do old people do besides talk about their doctor visits?  Yep, you're right!  We go out to eat.  Jim and Sandie Dixon and Paul Twitchell met us in Chandler at the Red Robin for lunch.  I originally suggested the Soup N Salad but when we were up there last week, it wasn't there anymore.  That would have been better for my expanding waistline, but the food was good and it was convenient.  I even took the camera and had it in my purse but we were so excited to see them I forgot all about taking a photo.  

My physical therapy is over but I still continue to do my exercises faithfully.  Bill is now starting three times a week.  He's very pleased with the results and glad we picked this physical therapist.  

Without all that back pain, Bill has been picking up his carving knife.  I told him he's acting like Michelangelo.  He has trouble sleeping worrying about how to finish his project.  In case you've never seen any of Michelangelo's work, when he painted the Sistine Chapel, he would stay up on the ceiling platform for a month at a time.  I hope I remembered that fact correctly.  
John and Karen Knoll are coming up in the morning.  Maybe I'll remember to take some photos.
I love it when I find the perfect thing.  I've had this Navajo pot for many years, but because of its shape just had it sitting in the corner.  Doesn't it look great on this stand I bought from Amazon?

Turtle Safely.......

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Sundance RV Resort
Casa Grande, AZ

Where has the time gone, since I last blogged?  I guess I've been busy trying to learn how to walk again.  I was told I could take the "boot" off for awhile and walk a little bit.  

Physical therapy is three times a week.  I must say it isn't fun, but I think I'm making progress.  Sometimes during the day, I don't have too many problems or pain walking.  The worst times are early in the mornings and in the evenings.

Sherry and Dave had us over for Easter dinner.  I really thought I was doing fine and then the pain and swelling started up.  After about 2 hours, I had to leave.  I've been keeping it elevated and that does relieve the swelling.  

Bill on the other hand, has had some ups and downs.  Last Monday he started physical therapy for his back.  He really thought it helped a lot.  The next day, the pain was as bad as before.  

Wednesday we both had physical therapy followed by a trip for Bill to have his MRI.  He had a 10:30 appointment and an appointment in Chandler at noon for the pain center.  He was in having his MRI a lot longer than anticipated.  His claustrophobia wouldn't allow the procedure.  They did something else which took a lot longer.  This caused us to have to call and reschedule his appointment for this Wednesday.  

This morning Bill drove the coach up to Mesa as we have a Tuesday appointment to get the level ups checked.  One jack is leaking some hydraulic fluid. It's much easier to take it up on a Sunday than have to deal with rush hour traffic.  

I wanted to visit the Mesa Marketplace and see how far I could walk while we were up in the area.  I walked the whole place.  It wasn't easy, but I did it slowly.  I was so proud of myself.  

Bill found this great Navajo signed turtle as a way to celebrate  my walking.  This was at the Superstition Mountain Traders store in the Mesa Marketplace.  They really have some beautiful high quality pots.  While they have a lot of other things, I'm always attracted to their pots. 

The owner, John McCord asked if I collected turtles.  I told him it started with RVing.  I've always said, we carry our house with us, as turtles do.  When I started blogging, I always signed off, "turtle safely".  Sharon and Don Del Rosario were with us in the gift shop at Sabino Canyon and I saw a stuffed soft turtle which was made in the USA.  After that the rest is history.  
I've been trying to lose the weight I gained while I was so inactive so I picked Subway for lunch.  It was a tough battle, but I didn't get any chips.  I really wanted some though.  I think part of my weight gain has been Gerri Beckman's fault.  She's the one who let me sample some of that Chicago Mix popcorn.  But not to be the only one addicted to that popcorn, I bought a bag of it for Roger and Sharon Hime while they were in town.  

I wanted to drive the truck home and see if I had any problem with the accelerator or brake, but after that walking decided to pick another day to see if I had any problems driving.  

I've been a little down this past week, thinking I would be walking like normal by now.  It will be two weeks on Tuesday since I've been able to walk.  After today's bout, I'm feeling so much better.  

I've been so worried that I would be holding everyone up when our daughter, Shay, and soon to be husband, Doug come for a visit on the first.   We're counting the days until they arrive.    

Turtle Safely...........

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Woodcarvers and Beyond

Sundance RV Resort
Casa Grande, Arizona

The woodcarvers was a lot of fun.  Friday night was the dinner.  What a fine dinner we had.  Kellie Gunn made the lasagna for the entire group.  It was some of the best lasagna I've ever had--including in Italy!  I also won a tip for my wood burner in the door prize drawing.

Before we left, I saw Becky Hazen but they were setting up so didn't visit much with her.  There was a motorhome next to us and I kept saying it looks familiar it turned out to be Carol and Tom Bedzeka.    

Saturday was a park breakfast and final day to finish your projects.  Bill's back was feeling a little bit better, so thought it was best if we headed back to Casa Grande a day early.  We were parked at Sundance RV resort before noon.  The traffic wasn't bad and it was another perfect driving day.  

Neil and Candy wanted to go for dinner before they returned to Canada.  They were leaving Sunday morning, so it was then or wait until the fall.  Even though we were tired from the trip, we enjoyed dinner with them at Tommy's Bistro.  I must say, Bill doesn't usually talk much but he made up for it then.  

Monday I had physical therapy followed by a trip to the Valley for a doctor appointment.  Tuesday was my appointment in Gilbert with my orthopaedic doctor.  He said I could now take the boot off for short periods throughout the day and walk on my foot.  Well I took off that stinky ugly boot the minute we got home and I don't intend to put it back on!  I was in for a rude awakening when I went to put a pair of shoes on.  None of my shoes would come near going over that foot.  Not even my slippers!  I finally tried my Easy Spirit heel riser sandals and I could get it on even though it was pretty tight, but at least I had a shoe to wear.  Why did they ever stop making that shoe?

Wednesday I had physical therapy and we left for Scottsdale following the PT.  The Escapees Chapter 45 end of season picnic was being held in Stillman McCormick Park.
 We were able to find a handicap parking close by but it seemed so far to the shelter.  I stopped and gave my foot a rest.  It was hurting the whole time we were there.  I managed to walk through the Stillman railroad museum but immediately took off the shoe when we got back to the car.  Bill's back was bothering him too.  

The picnic was very nice, but with both of us in some pain, didn't enjoy it like we normally would have.  

Notice no boot.

Bill had an afternoon appointment with a new doctor for his back.  We were lucky it was on the way home and we wouldn't have to drive back up to Chandler.  Of course, they didn't do much for Bill on the first visit.  They ordered medication for the pain, ordered PT and a MRI.  After we got the medication filled, I noticed that there was a warnings not to take it if you were allergic to morphine.  Well, Bill is highly allergic to it.  As he put on his paperwork, deadly.  

We have three appointments on Wednesday, so hope to know more then.  

Turtle Safely.........