Monday, November 30, 2015

Where I Left Off

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

I've had a few people call and wondered where we are located. I guess it's been a while since I blogged.

I drove back from Yuma to Casa Grande.  You know that means the weather was sunny and beautiful.  The only problem was as soon as we reached I 10 the winds started to blow.  Nothing bad, but those are the days I like to be co-pilot.  It did feel good with the air conditioner working.

I was very proud of the fact that when we got back to Sundance, I backed the coach in.  It was perfectly straight.  It wasn't as fast as Bill does, but I got it in there.

We've been catching up on the annual doctor visits.  The good news for Bill was the heart doctor took him off plavic.  He'll be 80 years old and only takes a cholesterol pill. Not bad but of course I try to make sure he eats well and he's very conscious if he even gains a pound.  He's scheduled for a stress test next week, so he's been doing a lot of walking.  

We spent Thanksgiving at the assisted living community where Dad lives.  It was one of his better days and he really seemed to enjoy his meal as he cleaned his plate.  
Dad, Sherry, Me, Bill and Dave

They had a table reserved for the five of us and I think Dad thought he was on a cruise ship.

Here's a photo of Victor with Dad.  He really is a dedicated worker and truly cares for Dad. 

We did find out that our niece, Stephanie, is expecting her first child in June.  That definitely makes us feel old but excited. 

That's the news of the week here.  Not much happening when our wheels aren't rolling.

Turtle Safely......

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Last Day in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona
KOFA Co-op Escapees Park

I was up and dressed by 8 am this morning as the park was having a yard sale.  Unfortunately, there were not many that participated and I didn't find anything of interest.  

We went over to the flea market by the airport since the weather was gorgeous.  It has more "fleas" than the other one in town.  Bill found a new Y hose adapter that was made of brass not plastic.  He also found a telescoping mirror that we have no idea what we'll use it for, but sure if we didn't buy it, we'd regret it someday.  The biggest problem with these kind of purchases, is remembering we bought it and where do we store it so we can find it when that occasion arises.  

 I was trying to decide on what color I liked best.  
I didn't touch but this lady came by and touched the cheeks and then said they weren't real.  Do you think she noticed that there is no head on the mannequin?
Lot's of stuff but nothing that I didn't have or nothing new.
This was our next stop.  Bill wasn't too excited about seeing it but he went anyway.
I knew he'd change his mind once he got inside.
This display was in the visitor's center.  I did learn that the diorama that I failed to get a photo of was made by students from a local school.
There are six of the original buildings from the depot.

The water reservoir allowed the Yuma Depot to have lush gardens.

 Bill was in the parlor of the Quartermaster's quarters while I'm in the doorway of the dining room.  All of the rooms had plexiglass protecting the artifacts so the photos all showed reflections.  

There was a lot to learn in the Quartermaster's office building.  

I enjoyed learning about the rank and branch.  

The buildings are in remarkable condition.
Wouldn't you feel real confident if you saw this fire truck roll up at a fire?

This car was interesting but when you read about the plank road, it makes it so much more interesting.  

Now I know where the American Sahara is?

This is part of the original plank road.

We've followed Teddy across the USA and Bill always wants his photo taken by him.
The best part of the musuem was how they built the tunnel on the Colorado River.  How would you like to dive in that suit?
I'm sure I wouldn't go back the next day and do it again!
I'm sure back in 1912, you'd want to walk in this 955 feet tunnel under the river.  

I always try and tell you a small amount of a place we visit so when you decide to go, you'll still have a little mystery about the place.  It's not a huge place, but it explains the steamboat history and a lot of information on the Colorado River.

It's well worth the $4.00 admission fee.  

We came back to the park and I had an e-mail from Toni Laird.  They were up at Pilot Knob and she suggested Da Boyz for dinner.  The restaurant is located in Old Town.

It was so good seeing Toni and Doug.  I think it's been about a year since we've seen them.

Our waiter was great and when we decided to do the special which was a huge salad, 2 plates of spaghetti and a large pizza for $22.99, he suggested we all share one meal. It was more than enough for four and we even had a carry out box.
  Look at the size of the pizza.  They put sausage on our half and Toni and Doug had mushrooms on their half.
We even had leftover salad.
Toni and Doug decided to split a piece of cake.  
Bill found a fork big enough for that size cake.

It was great seeing friends we haven't seen for awhile but we'll be seeing them again in the near future.

Turtle Safely......

Friday, November 20, 2015

We Have a Cool Truck

Yuma, Arizona
KOFA Co-op Escapees Park

The RV cleaning company arrived today promptly at 8 am.  They spent about 2 and half hours washing and waxing it.  The guys told us they were the "A" team. They spent a lot of time cleaning the roof.  We've never used this company before and the other ones I called couldn't do it before we leave.  They don't even ask how long the coach is--$99 no matter the size.  We were happy with Benjamin's service.

I walked over to the office to pay our propane bill.  $7.13 is the cheapest we've ever paid for a tank of propane.  Did I mention how much I enjoy this RV park?

After admiring our clean coach, we drove the rental car over to one of the flea markets in town.  We enjoy walking up and down the aisles and we needed some of those bungee cords with the knobs on them.

It's nice to be in a different town and all at once see a familiar face.  We haven't seen Don Smith for a long time.  He seems to crop up unexpected from time to time.
Don had printed off information sheets on the balloon festival for the Chapter 25 rally that is going on in the area.  Now we have the times and places of the events.  However, I noticed that activities start at 6 am.  I think maybe we'll attend the park garage sales from 8-noon instead and then check out the balloons.  

There's also another flea market we'd like to check out tomorrow before some Escapee friends arrive in the afternoon.   

We decided to go to the casino for lunch.  As we were nearing the casino I mentioned that I told the rental car place we weren't taking the car out of state.  Bill made a quick exit and we decided to try 5 Guys.  It was okay, but if I'm going to spend near $25 for lunch, I want to be served and have a real meal.  

As we were eating, the garage called to say the truck was ready.  It didn't take long for Bill to arrive at the garage.  Do you think he was anxious to get it back?  

Now all we have to do is find the rental car place.  Bill drove the truck and I followed behind in the car.  The previous evening when we stopped for the rental car, it was packed with four people doing the paperwork for the lines of people.  I guess I didn't mention yesterday that we got the last car they had. As crowded as it was yesterday, there was no one but employees in the office today--feast or famine.

Bill was happy to have the truck back and also that the temps were 81 so he could make sure the truck was nice and cool.  

I think tomorrow will be a busy day and hopefully we'll have time to check out the depot musuem.

Turtle Safely......... 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Will a Volkswagen Pull It?

Yuma, Arizona
KOFA Co-op Escapees Park

Bill and I parked the truck at the Mexican border and found the parking lot wasn't full at all.  It was a great day for a trip to Mexico.  The last time we visited I had a broken heel and had to get around on the knee scooter.  It was a lot more fun today.  

Our first stop was to get out teeth cleaned and checked.  I can't believe how busy these offices are. 
The office looks like any American dental office.  The dentist actually does the cleaning not a hygienist.

It's still a border town, but I like Los Algondones much better than the other ones we've visited.

When we stopped for lunch I wanted a seat in the sun and Bill wanted one in the shade.  They were happy to accommodate both of us. 
The music and sunshine made for an enjoyable lunch.  Bill ordered a beer but after he tasted my margarita he ordered one. 
The vendors weren't pushy at all.
He thought Bill might like a sun hat.
I think it looked better on Bill.
Gee, these turtle earrings just happened to end up on our tablecloth.  So cheap I ended up with two pair for less than the first offer of a single pair.

One stop at the purple store for some tequila and scotch and we were ready to leave before 3.  Usually no matter what time we're ready to go back across the border there's a line and the shortest wait we've had was 45 minutes.  When we walked over, I was confused at first.  There was no one, absolutely no one in line.  There were 4 lanes open and again no one was in line.  I couldn't believe it.  

When we were driving back, the air conditioner wasn't working on the truck.  We stopped to have it checked out and found out the compressor was toast.  They called for a rental car and told us the truck should be done tomorrow.  
 Do you think it will be able to tow the rig?  

Turtle Safely.......

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another SKP Park

Yuma, Arizona

Bill and I weren't in any hurry this morning and pulled out of Sundance just before 10.  The day was a perfect driving day.

We have stayed in Yuma many times, but for some reason never stayed at this Escapees park.  I think we've always met friends when in Yuma and stayed where it was convenient for everyone.  

We have a nice back in on a lot with no one on the other side.  Full hook ups with 50 amp service, wifi and cable.  The rates are $20 per day or $100 for the week.

We were invited to a potluck and told we didn't need to bring anything except our place setting.  Since we had brought leftovers from last night's meal, we just stayed in for dinner. 

Propane is $1.20 gallon, someday I'll figure out the difference in price for the pounds versus gallons.  It's convenient and we'll need full tanks for Quartzite.  

While we were in the office making arrangements to have a mobile wash service clean our fifth wheel a lady walked in the office.  I kept looking at her and she kept looking at me.  She finally said, "Jan".  She said we were friends of Don and Sharon Del Rosario.   I have no idea where I met Pat Dunkel but that's the way this club works.  

We walked around the park and everyone is very friendly. Shortly after we returned from our walk, there was a knock on the door.  It was the welcome ladies.  Bonnie Pfiefer (not sure of the spelling) and Linda Ziek were the perfect welcoming committee.  They had brochures on anything of interest in the area.  They didn't just hand you a brochure, they explained what you would see.  I did find out that the balloon festival is this weekend.  

Bonnie was a delight.  She's 86 and a DAR.  I told her our daughter is a DAR, and she asked why I wasn't.  She's traveled the world and given lectures.  Linda had gifts for us and we got to pick what we wanted.  All the gifts were handcrafted from members of the park.  I picked a tissue cover and of course Bill picked a bookmark.  

The pool looked inviting but I decided to save it for another day.  

Turtle Safely.......... 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Attended College Today

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

Just a short catch up before I get too far behind.  Bill had an appointment with his cardiologist on Friday and I had an appointment this week with my retina doctor.  Both visits went well. 

We stopped after the doctor visit to check on my glasses that I had ordered from Costco the previous week.  They weren't in but the fellow checked and found out they were in transit.  We decided to go see a movie and then stop back before heading back to Casa Grande.  Bridge of Spies was just starting as we walked up to the ticket booth so we chose that one.  It was really good and I especially love true stories. 

When we returned to Costco the glasses were in.  I tried them on, and everything was blurry.  Did I mention how much I loved this frame?  It was completely different than my other glasses.  The technician said it looked like the progressive lenses were not in the right location but because my eyes were dilated he couldn't measure.  We would need to come back another day when my eyes weren't dilated. It was late by the time we returned to Casa Grande but luckily  the winds didn't cause any traffic jams.

A doctor friend asked us to do her a favor.  Her husband is now the attending doctor for Dad.  She asked us to come to one of her classes at Central Arizona College and talk with her students about our life experiences.  I'm not someone who can get up and talk in front of people.  I won't say she bribed us, but she brought a bottle of her husband's homemade wine.  One taste of that wine, and we agreed to do it.   

Today was our day to go to school.  The campus is probably the cleanest one we've ever visited.  We had a friend who coached a girls team and we used to go watch the games but that was a long, long time ago.  

I realize now that I couldn't be a politician or a comic.  Thinking of fast answers on my feet is not one of my good qualities, however Bill made it look very easy.  

Some of the typical questions, how old, where you were born and grew up, education, were pretty easy.  But then came, what is your greatest accomplishment, what would you do over, who had a great impact in your life, any regrets, greatest personal and professional achievement.  After it was over, I could think of what I should have said.  

Bill has had such an interesting and diverse life he could have talked all day.  The students had all kind of questions for him.  We had an appointment in Chandler so we weren't able to linger.  We left while the class continued.  One student left the class as we were leaving the building and came up to us and wanted to shake Bill's hand.  He also wanted to have a picture taken with Bill. The student said he was inspired by what Bill said about life situations he had encountered and how he handled them.  He was going to call his girlfriend right away and tell her about our visit.

Now for the end of the glasses story.  Remember me saying how much I loved the new frames I ordered?  Well it seems that the way I look through my frames won't work with that frame or about 99% of the ones they have.  I've never been able to wear the plastic frames because the nose piece is fixed.  I guess I don't have a normal nose.  Do you think that's the only thing about me that isn't normal?  That leaves a selection of three frames.  One pair was purple, the other one was blue and I settled for number three.  I can't even remember what color they were.  

While my news about the glasses wasn't what I wanted to hear, we did have some very good news.  The pharmacy called regarding the $3,100.00 prescription for Bill.  They found a coupon from the drug company and the prescription now costs $10.00 and was ready for pick up.  

We stopped to "visit" Dad.  It's really not a visit as he didn't know either of us today.  He seemed content and the staff had a movie playing for him.  He really is very lucky to be in such a caring place.  

Earlier in the week we stopped and had our passport photos taken.  It's time to renew them, and we have to be careful of the time frame when we send them in.  We'll make a trip to Yuma in the near future and then send them in for renewal.  

One of the things on my bucket list has been a river cruise from Paris to Normandy.  I checked the price and it's really been drastically reduced.  I'll feel naked until I have my passport back and can take advantage of a special deal. 

Today as we drove past the motor vehicle department I noticed that there were only cars parked in the first two rows.  Maybe today might be a good day to renew my drivers license.  An hour later I came out holding a paper that shows I paid my renewal fee, and my license will be mailed to me within two weeks.   After all that work I come out with a piece of paper and a hole punch in my old license. 

Turtle Safely......

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where's the worse drug smuggling in the USA?

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

I know it has been awhile since I blogged, but I was giving enough time to pass before I mentioned things publicly.

Last Tuesday I took my 95 year old Dad to our family doctor for his checkup.  Dad didn't recognize the doctor who has been treating him for 21 years.  He didn't know the day of the week or what town he lives in.  It was decided that the next course of treatment was pallative care.  Our doctor called in Hospice for his dementia.  

I had to sign stacks of paperwork and so far there have been 5 different people to check on Dad.  For some reason they call right at dinner time and I have to rush down to the care facility as is.  It's been a long week, but things are starting to fall in place.  

I did go to the eye doctor on Monday and there was no change, which is good.  I have to return next Monday to see the retina doctor and then follow up in 2 to 3 months.  

It was Bill's turn for the dermatologist today.  He sees him every six months due to his skin cancer.  The doctor gave him a generic prescription  and we took it to the local pharmacy.  You could have picked me up from the floor when I found out what the cost was.  Can you believe, three thousand one hundred and I don't know what he said after that?   Hopefully, they can find a coupon for a discount.  

Did I mention that even though the weather was snowy in Flagstaff, Susie and Bud Walsh didn't have any trouble returning to Colorado.  Of course it did help that they left their Big Sky in the storage lot in Casa Grande.  

I have been tossing around what to do about Thanksgiving Dinner.  As much as I hate cooking, I really don't mind doing Thanksgiving dinner.  When I was at the Hospice office today, I asked what they thought was best for Dad.  They said to remove him from the area where he is comfortable wouldn't be a good idea.  The other day when we went to his room, he couldn't find it.  

The facility will allow family members to attend the dinner at the assisted care for a fee of $15 per person.  We've decided to do that.  

It sounds like people are getting excited about Quartzite.  We are signed up for two events already.  

Today we attended the Escapees luncheon at the Golden Corral.  When they sent out the invitations, they announced that Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, was to be the speaker. Steve Henry, Chief Deputy, came in his place.  

Steve began by saying that Pinal County is as large as the state of Connecticut.  He said this area is number one in drug smuggling in the USA.  He was a very good speaker and didn't sugar coat everything.  

Everyone received a Pinal County Sheriff patch in a little folder which gave some details about the department.  One detail was, "During 2012 PCSO led a multi-agency operation which scored the largest drug bust in Arizona history, smashing Sinaloa Cartel's 2 to 3 billion dollar drug smuggling operation arresting 76 cartel members, seizing 108 weapons including scoped rifles, AK-47's and two guns from "Operation Fast and Furious". Unfortunately, drugs are coming across faster than they can arrest them.  When they are arrested they serve their short term and then are set free. 

Turtle Safely......

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boo Hoo

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

It's been so much fun but every party must end.  Today Don and Sharon Del Rosario returned to Tucson and Bud and Susie Walsh left for Colorado.  It's been a lot of fun having friends around.  Why did they both have to leave at the same time?  I'm going to have withdrawals.  At least they could have left in stages?

Sunday night we went to the Hong Kong Kitchen with Bud, Susie, Don and Sharon.  There was another couple that Don and Sharon knew that joined us.  Connie and Larry Farquhar shared some of their travel stories with us.  Sorry I didn't get a photo but Sharon posted one on Facebook.

I was also sorry that I didn't get a picture of Don with his prisoner carving of an anchor.  We knew he was going to stop on their maritime adventures to get it, but it was so much nicer than the photo showed that Sharon posted.   

We offered to walk Bud and Susie's dog while they
drove to Yuma to walk across the border to Mexico for some dental work.  Zoey and Khaki, their golden retrievers, were so happy when they saw us.  We walked them and went to return them to the coach.  Khaki decided the sun was shinning and she wanted to stay outside with us.  Zoey went right in when we entered the coach, but as soon as we turned around to leave, she decided she'd go with us.  It was pretty comical watching us try to get both dogs inside at the same time.  

Monday Bill and I received our pneumonia and flu shots. Sharon and Don wanted to go to Tommy's Bistro but my arm swelled up like a baseball and I felt a little queasy.  That evening Bill started feeling the same way.  We ended up having our left over Chinese food for dinner while Don and Sharon enjoyed Tommy's.  

Last night Sharon picked us up to ride out to Ak Chin and pick Don up from his dialysis.  The technician told us about a great Mexican restaurant in Maricopa.   I can't remember the exact name but it was Bonita something.  
This is a great photo of Sharon but I think I have a better one of Don.  Not sure which story Don was telling when I took this photo.
Don's smiling face is much better in this photo.
Bill and I were celebrating out 19th wedding anniversary.  Sharon's 29th birthday is tomorrow.  
The dialysis technican said all the tables and chairs were hand painted.  Someone has a real talent.
Susie also brought us a something from this Mexican store.
Yep, another bottle of almond tequila!

We had to take our car in for a recall.  I had an appointment scheduled last January, but then I broke my heel so I had to cancel it.  Finally got that completed today.  They gave us a rental car but Bill was so uncomfortable driving it, we didn't bother to go to the Escapees luncheon. His head was hitting the roof and I had to open the sun roof.

Flagstaff received 8.8 inches of snow today at the airport.  I hope Bud and Susie didn't have any problems.  

Turtle Safely.........