Friday, March 22, 2019

End of the Trail For Us

Yes, we did it!  The truck and fifth wheel now belong to a new happy owner.

We were all packed and ready to go to the Montana Circling of the Wagons in January.  The day before we left Bill had a bad cough and heart rate issues, so we didn't go.

In February we did get to attend the Winter Blast in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  Bill was having some problems with chest pains and a high heart rate during the week.  On that Saturday night, I had to call 911 because Bill's heart rate went up to 197 and he couldn't talk, felt nauseous and said he felt like an elephant was standing on his chest.  The EMT's came and he started feeling better, but off to the hospital he went.  Carolyn and Craig Mills drove me to the hospital and George, Linda, Carlena and Harry followed behind.  They were so much support for me.  I must say I was a basket case.  

I drove Bill and the rig back to Casa Grande the next morning.  One last time let me preach this.  "Ladies, you need to be able to hitch, unhitch and drive that rig.  You never know when you'll have to do it." 

Bill had a pacemaker implanted six days before the Escapade.  He isn't allowed to raise his left arm or lift anything heavier than 10 pounds for the next six weeks.

I was concerned about backing the rig into the site at the Escapade, but the great parking crew told me not to worry and they were so helpful.  Kudos to all of them.

Our Montana Owners friends, Jim and Vickie Fischer were there.  Jim was teaching some boot camp classes.  I told him we had decided we were going to hang up the keys and the truck and fifth wheel were for sale.  

A little while later, Jim knocked at the door and introduced us to Judy Miller who wanted to buy a truck and fiver.  That was on Friday evening.  Judy wanted the coach as soon as possible so we agreed to turn it over to her at the end of the Escapade on Friday and ride back to Casa Grande with my sister and brother in law.   

Bill had a follow up appointment on Monday with his doctor so we had to drive up to Casa Grande.  We picked up the title for the truck and trailer.  We also brought back some other RV stuff for Judy.  

We stopped and picked up Bill's Pradaxa heart medication.  It now costs $399.37 for a 30 day supply.  We are now ordering the medication out of Canada for $264 for a 90 day supply.  Bill told me he heard that Florida is trying to pass legislation to stop people from ordering medication out of the country.  I wonder how many senior citizens just don't take something they need because of the cost.  If you want to know any details of where and how to order just PM me.

Bill's doctor wanted Bill to have a stress test on Thursday which would mean another trip back up to Casa Grande.  We decided to either rent a car, or call Uber and just turn over the coach to Judy a day early on Thursday.  The more I thought about it, it made better sense to come back on Wednesday night instead.  John Beckman called and said he could drive us home.

Tuesday morning I went over to find the two other couples that were working the volunteer booth and let them know we were leaving on Wednesday evening.  Doug Tatterson was there and I told him we were leaving Wednesday.  I also mentioned that Bill said he was ready to go anytime.  Doug just said I'll take you today.  Call me when you are ready.  

We rode with Judy over to the DMV and transferred the ownership and applied for our license tag refund.  We stopped for a Subway and came back to the rig.  I spent a lot of time explaining the truck and coach to Judy.  

George took a couple of boxes and our clothes and everything else we carried out to Doug's truck.  

I thought I would be very emotional about handing over the keys, but I must say it's a relief.  There comes a time, and we both knew it.  Bill mentioned that we spent half of our married life RVing.  

I'm not sure how long it will take me to stop looking at the diesel prices when we pass a station.  

As for us, we're excited because we plan to travel without the worry of where we will eat, sleep or what to see.  The adventures will continue.

Turtle Safely...........