Sunday, January 28, 2018

Back from Quartzite

Casa Grande, Arizona
Leisure Valley RV Park

Where does the time go?  We've been back for a week and I'm still trying to play catch up.  

Our trip back to Casa Grande was uneventful.  Traffic was very light and when we pulled into Gila Bend to dump our tanks there was no one else there.
It seemed strange to be by ourselves after spending time around so many people in Quartzite.  We had a nice leisure lunch before finishing the last half of the trip.  The only hitch we had was a train was stopped on the tracks at Thornton.  Bill finally did a u-turn and we came back another way. 
You're probably asking why we came back so soon.  Well, I don't think I mentioned this but we are working on crossing off something on our bucket list.  

We've been watching Netflix and trying to pick out shows that will help with the bucket list check off.  We watched the Longest Day and the miniseries Versailles.  Okay, that's a hint.  

If you guessed we're going to France, you're right.  We are taking a river boat cruise from Paris to Normandy.  This will be our ninth trip with this company.  To make the trip even better, we have two other fun people going with us.   

My dad had a very full life and travelled around the world.  There were two places that he wished he'd seen before he died.  He regretted not going to Egypt with us and also wanted to see Normandy.  We'll be thinking of him on this trip.

Friday George and Linda took us to Sky Harbor Airport to the Homeland Security office to be fingerprinted and photographed for our Global Entry Card.  We've been pulling Bill's chain because I received an e-mail right away that I have been approved, but his is still pending.  

Harry and Carlena joined the Morey's and us for lunch.  Needless to say there was a lot of laughter at the table.  George likes Rudy's barbecue, so we went next door to Can't Stop Smokin' Barbecue.  When I went to take a photo of the six of us, my battery was dead.  It was so good to see Harry and Carlena.  

Winter Blast is in two weeks and I've already have a bad case of hitch itch.  It will be during Fat Tuesday and Valentine's Day.  There are a lot of friends that are having medical and personal issues so we're keeping our fingers crossed that everything will work out for them so they can attend.  Hope the weather is as good as it was for Quartzite.

Turtle Safely.........

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Quartzsite Day 7--2018

Quartzsite, Arizona

We were up early today and surprised that it wasn't cold.  Bill and I were ready to leave at 8 am.  George thought it would be good to get to the Big Tent early.  He found a parking space without any trouble.  We saw some people sitting in their vehicles eating their breakfast.  

There was a line waiting for the doors to open, but it moved very quickly when the doors opened.

We saw quite a few people we knew from the Montana Owners Club.  Here's a photo of George, Linda, Me and Susie Orr.  We never did see Denny.

Bill bought a slim wallet here many years ago and it was showing some wear.  We've looked everywhere for one.  Today we found the company again.  Here I am showing Susie.

See how the cards fit in the wallet.  There are 20 cards in the wallet and it is very thin when folded over.  They now come with the RFID.

George wanted suggestions for lunch and we were trying to think of a place out of the traffic.  We chose Quail Cafe.  When we walked in there were about 5 or 6 parties ahead of us but the wait wasn't very long.  We talked with a couple who just ordered a new Montana.  I suggested they stop by for Happy Hour.

Paul and Mel of ARP refrigerator controllers were scheduled to come by tomorrow to correct our controller.  They finished up early so came by today.  It didn't take them long to change it out.  

Bill and I had been talking about our seat control on our truck not working in one position.  I walked outside and there was George working on it.

It turned cold, yes cold.  It was 59 degrees and the wind was blowing.  No more sitting outside for us even though some people were still out in shorts.  

I turned on our Mr. Buddy propane heater and we enjoyed watching TV until Shade Pro arrived to install George and Linda's new awning.  Now it was too cold for happy hour, but not to cold to watch someone work!

You know it's cold!  George has a cold beer but long pants and a jacket.

And so the day ends.  We'll probably head back to Casa Grande tomorrow.  The crowds are growing everyday and there's nothing we saw at the big tent that we want to go back to get.  We enjoyed great weather, but the temperatures don't look like they will be as warm as we've had while here.  

Turtle Safely........

Friday, January 19, 2018

Quartzsite Day 6--2018

Quartzsite, Arizona

We hung out this morning waiting for Ryan to come by and replace the awning fabric.  He called to say he was on his way around 9.  

Of course no one can open a tool box or get on a ladder without people pulling up a chair to watch.  Do you like the hats and visors that we received from Shade Pro?

Harry will be happy that since they couldn't be here, I've been helping George get the cobwebs out of his wallet.

After we had the awning fabric replaced we rode into town.  Linda was wanting a date shake so we thought that was a good thing to have for lunch.  

We made a quick stop at the Roadrunner market and headed back.  I think Kathy and Rick Rouseau stopped to visit us as Mary said we missed them by a minute.  

 We moved our chairs over for happy hour after the 
ARP seminar.

Julie and Don Klein stopped by.  She said Boomerville was very busy.  Julie was on the injured list.

I wonder who is controlling this drone.

The Montana Circle is without a wagon master but everyone is still enjoying themselves.

Turtle Safely........

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Quartzsite Day 5--2018

Quartazsite, Arizona

What a day!  It was a long day but so much fun.  It started out with a visit to the Gum Gallery Museum.  I've known its been here but never went as you have to call ahead and get an appointment to view it.  Thanks to Linda, she had a tour scheduled between 9:30-10.  

Joanne has been collecting gum for 70 years. I guess our expectations weren't very high for a gum museum.

A few years ago Jo's husband built her a building and made 112 cases to showcase her collections.

She came out and told us a little about how the gallery began and left us.  She said she'd check back later.  

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know I love to tell you about visiting a place, but don't like to tell you everything about it so when you go you enjoy more.  I can't imagine anyone not loving this place.

Here's an example of what you'll see.

This case has rope made out of gum wrappers.

Needless to say Bill loved this one.

There was gum for both political parties.

How about Shakespearean insult gum?

Noses that are gum were displayed in one of the showcases.  

I had no idea that gum came in so many different ways.

The cases were displayed according to year.

Pink lemonade gum--I wonder what that would taste like.

There was "adult" gum.

Monopoly gum was represented.  

There were a lot of items related to gum, that wasn't gum.

I can't remember laughing as much as we did in this museum.

ORGASgum--The Pre-Screw Chew.

You might want to click on the photos to enlarge them so you can read all the writing on the HandzOff anti-masturbatory gum.

This is a must see place.  Did I mention that it is free?

We stopped to show George this airplane on a car carrier.

Luckily the guys just looked and didn't purchase any of these old vehicles.

We wanted to stop at the Chamber of Commerce to see what other hidden treasures this area has.  

Of course the world's largest belt buckle was worthy of a photo op.

We stopped at the Yacht Club for lunch.  Look who was just walking out.  Linda and I suggested they go visit the gum museum.

Jay is now an official member of the Yacht Club.

You'd think that would have been enough fun for the day but not for this foursome.  

George drove over to Bouse to see the monument.  

It's amazing the things you learn about an area.  There was a secret military camp where Patton's army trained.  They learned how to use a strong light on a tank to confuse the opposing forces.   Sounds strange to try and explain it.  

The camp was 25 miles away and George loves to drive.  Need I say anymore.  The Bouse brochure said it was accessible by ATV over a gravel road.  We took some desert roads and ended up in Swansea ghost town.  Linda was worried it was going to turn dark before we got out of there.

Since we missed the Montana Circling of the Wagons potluck, we went to the Grubstake for fish and chips.  

It was a wonderful day filled with a lot of laughter.  Too bad I didn't have a second camera battery with me.

Turtle Safely.......

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Quartzsite Day 4--2018

Quartzsite, Arizona

It was another beautiful day and we began the day sitting outside enjoying the sunshine this morning.  

I wanted to go back and get a t-shirt at Tyson Wells flea market.  George and Linda wanted to go so we rode over with them.  George found a neat clock for his garage.  I was looking for an olive dish but I didn't find one.

There are a lot of places that first timers to Quartzsite go to visit.  One is the Desert Bar and the other is Reeder's Oasis Book Store. 

When we pulled into the parking lot, this was our view.  I asked George if he'd seen enough and he said "yes".  He turned the truck around and we left without getting out.

We went home to get a quick sandwich and guess who was at our door?  Ed Allard and Jeanie visited for a little while.  It was great to see them.  

Mary Van Nuys and Linda Ward have a lot in common.  They live close by in Kansas and also have the same model Montana.  Their model is discontinued, but one of the nicest and different floor plans I've ever seen. 

We walked over to say "hi" to  friends we hadn't seen in while.  Sorry I didn't get a photos.

The first person we saw at the Escapees Happy Hour was Don Smith.  

Don walked over yesterday when he saw my turtle spinning.  He said he knew it had to be us.

Here's a photo of me with Sue Valentine and Carol Hill.

We haven't seen Mary and Gary Olson in a while.  Hopefully, we'll see them again before the Escapade.  

Travis and Melanie welcomed everyone to the event.

There's two good looking guys.

Johnny was there performing for everyone.  I love his music.

There were many people but I was surprised that as close as the Xscapers are staying that many didn't show up.

I was wishing I had worn a hat as the sun was very bright.

Gina and Jay were enjoying themselves.

Here's the Beckman's and Barbara Henderson.

Carol and Dennis Hill are always at an Escapee event.  

I suppose Boo is going to be jealous that Sofie wanted up in my lap.  

We enjoyed listening to David address the Montana Happy Hour. 

Turtle Safely.........